Thursday, June 9, 2022 – The Steel Mill – Papillion, NE – 5:30 a.m.

PAX: High Life, Rooney, Milo, Shingles, Sweet Roll, Low Flow, Mulch, Amadeus, Animal House, Tips (FNG)

QIC: Duracell


5:30 a.m. – 58 Degrees… Perfect Day! 

The PAX gathered at the shovel flag. Duracell covered the F3 Mission Statement: To plant, grow, & serve the invigoration of male community leadership through small workout groups.  The Credo was recited: We leave no man behind & no man where we found him.  Duracell stated the 5 core principles: Always outside, open to all men, always free, led in a rotating fashion, & ends in a COT and advised the PAX that he is not professional & to modify as needed.  


This was called the “That What She Said” workout, because we took simple things & made them harder.

Warmarma: 20 side straddle hops, 12 tappy taps, 12 sun gods, 12 reverse sun gods, 5 slow burpees, 5 fast burpees.  PAX Grabbed one weight: 5 Atlas per side (put the weight on your right foot, then lift over left shoulder/switch sides after 5).  20 Marching Toy Soilders (with arms straight, hold one weight overhead, bring weight to your knee as you lift alternating legs.) 20 Press Jacks – Side straddle hop while holding one weight & lifting up & down.

Pre Thang:   The Q had recently turned 50 & as a birthday present, the PAX did 50 merkins.

The Thang:  PAX grabbed both dumbbells (typically between 15-20 lb dumbbells) & completed 1 minute exercises in sequence of: Chest, Arms, Legs, Cardio.  Rest time was just enough for a quick demo of the next exercise.  Since we were getting progressively harder, the first set was a simple version of an exercise, the next sets were progressively harder.  All exercises were 1 minute unless otherwise noted.

Round 1: 

Set 1: Curls, 2 Dumbbell Chest Press, Squats, Big Boys, 10 burpees.

Set 2: Deep Swimmers Press (Curl, followed by shoulder press), 1 Dumbbell Chest Press while squeezing in on the weight, Crescent/Chair (Start in a lunge position, holding one weight overhead, alternate between lunge & squat position every 10 seconds without coming up), Weighted W situps with 1 weight, 10 Dumbos (burpee while holding one weight)

Round 2: We headed to the wall…

Set 1: Balls to the Wall, Wall Squat Holding 1 weight, Wall Plank (feet on wall, body parallel to ground), Bonnie Blairs.

Set 2: Chicken Peckers, 1 Legged Wall Squats holding 1 weight (switch legs every 10 seconds), Spiderman Wall Plank (wall plank, but bring knee to elbow & alternate), Weighted Bonnie Blairs (hold one weight & swing overhead back & forth with each rep).

Set 3: Weighted Chicken Peckers (just a chicken pecker, but holding your dumbbells), Up & Down Wall Squats (do a wall squat while holding a weight & scoot up & down the wall), Elevated Mahktars (feet on wall while doing Mahktars), Bonnie Blairs while holding 1 weight overhead. 

Bonus Merkins: We recovered for about 30 seconds & focused on deep breaths in, then did 50 more Merkins. 

COT: The COT was extremely simple & challenged the PAX to be deliberate in their fitness.  This morning, we focused on making each exercise progressively harder.  The PAX were challenged to not just “go through the motions” but to push for the most out of each exercise. 

Shingles Wins Swole Award:  As part of the COT, Shingles was awarded the Sarpy Swole Award  by Low Flow.  This weekly trophy goes to the PAX that worked the hardest, supported the most & was a leader during the workout.  Shingles has been a regular at the Steel Mill lately, always brings a positive attitude & really pushing hard.  Well deserved victory & great choice!



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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