Date: Wednesday, 6/8/2022

AO: The Danger Zone – Papillion LaVista South High School         

Weather: 61°, 92% Humidity, 5 MPH NW Wind                

Q: Bayside                                                                  

PAX (12):  Animal House, Baby Shark, Bayside, Call Sign, Duracell, Echo, Feeney, Low Flow, Oblivious, Q-Tip, Rooney, Stranglehold

Pre-Runners (3): Animal House, Baby Shark, Bayside

FNG’s: None                    

5:15 – Bayside welcomed the PAX to F3.   

Mission Statement: Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the re-invigoration of male community leadership. 

5 Core Principals:  1. Open to all men 2. Free of Charge 3. Always held outdoors 4. Lead in a rotating fashion    5. End in Circle of Trust

Credo:  Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.   

Not a professional, so modify as necessary.                                     


Warm-a-rama was done on the mosey.  Taking off from the flags, the PAX went down the trail towards the lake.  At stop #1, which was approximately .25 miles, the PAX completed Side Straddle Hop (x10 IC) & Tappy Taps (x10 IC).  From there, the mosey continued another .3 miles to stop #2, which consisted of Big Ones (x10 IC) & Sun Gods (x10 IC both directions).  Finally, the remaining .3 miles was completed to place the PAX in the parking lot of the Walnut Creek Lake boat ramp.                                      

The Thang:

The PAX paired up into groups of 2, where a 2 man Dora took place.  Counting the cumulative reps between each pair, one HIM started with reps, while the other ran a lap around the parking lot. 

In planning the beatdown, Bayside couldn’t decide between a normal Dora or a lazy Dora, due to the almost 2 miles to/from the Thang, so he left it up to the PAX.  It was quickly decided that lazy Dora could kick rocks today and the HIM were going to make the most of the day. 

100 Merkins

200 LBC’s (each)

300 Air Squats


5:40 – Omaha was called and the PAX moseyed back towards the flags.  Following a similar approach to the mosey to the Thang, the PAX stopped a couple times where Big Boys (x15) and Low Dolly’s (x15) were completed at stop #1, while Heels to Heaven (x15 IC) and Flutter Kicks (x15 IC) were completed at stop #2. Sarpy Slammers followed at the flags with Name-a-rama being done after.

Announcements: Launch of The Dune at Aspen Creek Middle School in Gretna today.  Launch of Mount Olympus at Liberty Elementary School in Papillion next week.  Pop up Friday of the Bell Tower at Bellevue West.  

Prayer Requests: Chernobyl’s M, Kelsey, in her recovery from back surgery. 

COT: (Switching to first person) For my COT, I wanted to speak about unleashing each person’s ‘inner warrior’, which each of us has, but may have difficulty discovering.  There are a number of books and articles about discovering this, but I wanted to stick to a simple approach with 5 warrior moves.

  1. Break Away: Break away from the things that are holding you prisoner.  Identify those items and make them your enemy to act as motivation.
  2. Focus On the Target: Identify your passions and dreams and go for it.  Don’t be afraid to chase what you enjoy. 
  3. Control & Challenge: Learn to control your environment, at least as much as possible.  Challenge yourself and others to be better.
  4. Action: Find what you’re breaking away from and what drives you and put it into action.
  5. Go Big or Go Home: Bring everything you’ve got to the battle to unleash that inner warrior.

Took the PAX out in a Ball of Man.

AYE! Bayside

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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