Wednesday, June 1 | Paradise Island | One Pacific Place | 59 degrees

PAX (25): Waterboy, Saul, FDIC, Smashmouth, Chucky, Armbrah, Truly, Sven, Pantyhose, Bunny Slope, Invictus, Skipper, Cosmo, Bubbles, Vanilla Ice, Tin Cup, Red Ranger, Ice-T, Icy Hot, Grillz, Vandelay (Respect), On Target (FNG), Schrute, Toto (Hows Come), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Pre-Runners: Cataracts, Smashmouth, Chucky, Armbrah, Truly, Pantyhose, Red Ranger, Vandelay (Respect), Schrute, Toto, Sparty

It was one of those mornings that if I wasn’t on the Q, I likely would have fartsacked. I was exhausted this morning and fortunately I always set a back up alarm which got my body moving this morning. I was anxious driving to Wheatfields as I hadn’t Q’d at the new location yet, and I had something new and different planned today. When I arrived and got out of my car, I realized two things right away: 1. I forgot my hat this morning (SOB), and 2. It was absolutely gorgeous outside today. I was eager to get going. We had a new AO launching this morning (Beverly Hills – huge shout out to my man Rancid), and 2 pop-ups starting so I wasn’t sure what to expect. To my surprise, we had a large Pre-Run group. I remember pre-covid that this many guys could have easily been a normal Paradise post. Now it was a pre-run group. Nothing like pre-running at a running AO. The pace this morning was off the charts as Toto & Red Ranger were looking to set a pre-run record, apparently. As we all returned and ran an extra 0.03 miles to round our run off to 3 miles, a decent size group had assembled.

It was 5:12am and our FNG had made his way to the circle. Luckily I know Brian as we’ve worked together for several years and he used to be Mac’n Cheese (Hate) boss. I offered the recommendation to lose is jacket as I anticipated he would be pretty warm by the end of the workout if he kept it on. It was 5:15am and I was excited and nervous at the same time. Due to my marathon training, I have not been on the Q in quite some time and was worried I might forget what to say. But, it all came back to me quickly. “Welcome to F3 everybody! F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. My name is Sparty, and I’ll be the Q today. Everyone welcome our FNG today, Brian. Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the reinvigoration of male community leadership. We operate on 5 core principles: we are free, open to all men, always held outside, lead in a rotating fashion, and always end in a Circle of Trust. We are going to be running a lot today, so let’s live by our credo – Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.” And then we were off!

We started our mosey by heading northwest through the One Pacific Place parking lot before arriving to Pacific St. which we then took a slight turn to head straight west on Pacific St. As we dodged the sprinklers by running through the street, we were all very lucky no cars were heading east. After a couple blocks, we took a hard left to head south which led us to the Papio Trail that we jumped on to head southeast. I was unsure this whole first mile if this was a good idea as I wasn’t sure if everyone would stay together. As we finished our first mile just before Sunset Hills pool, we stopped for the group. I asked the men to plank until the 6 was in, which took 5 seconds. The group stayed together really well. We then as a group performed 20 Merkins, then continued on our mosey.

We continued to make our way southeast down the trail and crossed the bridge before Towl Park then exited the trail at Center St. We took a hard left towards 90th when we arrived at the major intersection at mile 2. It was here that we made our presence felt by performing 15 Monkey Humpers IC. We continued on by heading north along 90th St. towards Pacific. This was fun and dangerous as the sidewalk was small, mumblechatter was large, and running in the street became necessary. We dodged cars and no one got injured. We then pulled up into the parking lot at Pacific Hills Lutheran Church as a garbage truck made it’s way passed. We then performed 20 Big Boy sit-ups as a group. The men rose to their feet and we continued on now heading west down Pacific St. As we entered back to One Pacific Place, all the watches dinged as we hit our goal of 4 miles for the day.

Name-o-rama: Beautiful sunrise in the background, lots of sweat, Truly lost his sleeves, Sven wore another mans hairy body, Bubbles lost his shirt, and we yelled “Hows Come” at Toto. Additionally, since I forgot my hat, my hair looked ridiculous.

Announcements: Tried pulling them out from the group and really all that was note worthy was the launch of Beverly Hills, 2 pop ups, and First Friday lunch – location to be named later.

Prayers: Prayers for everyone involved with the fire from Monday night.

COT: One of the benefits to getting sober is that I’ve found that my mind is much clearer, and my emotions are kept in check. Last week when we were here at this spot, there was a lot confusion, frustration, pain, and sadness in the group, and there wasn’t a whole lot to say the day after another mass shooting. Over the next week, social media was flooded with people’s thoughts and opinions on the matter and then it turned into a platform for media and politicians to run with their agendas. I’ve been holding my feelings in and need this opportunity to express myself. I honestly don’t care what your thoughts are on Gun Laws. We don’t have guns in my house, nor have I ever owned a gun. I don’t care if you do, that’s your choice. We can get rid of guns or make it more difficult to get one. I don’t have a stance either way. What upsets me is that after the initial shock and mourning for the people that lost their lives, this all turned into a circus and distractions from the real problem at hand that nobody wanted to acknowledge or address. This problem is still the root cause of all these mass shootings, Mental Illness.

It has become easier to turn the conversation into debates on gun control than it has been to look at the individuals that are performing these horrendous acts, and discuss how we can prioritize helping these individuals before these events take place. That is the ULP (Ultimate Life Problem) we need to solve. F3 solves Dredd’s ULP which is dormant men. Part of what I’m looking to solve filters into both of these problems which is supporting and mentoring young men to be community leaders. My encouragement to you is to explore deeper what is it that you are passionate about and what Problem do you want to solve. We are called to live a mission field life, and figuring this out will put you on that path. That is the Legacy you will create. Let’s lead in our community and solve problems that are being ignored like Mental Illness.

YHC took us out in Prayer.



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