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After blasting thru all of the F3 intro, we moseyed to the church parking lot. We did some tappy taps, big boys, and cherry pickers. Then we lined up and did some lunges, high knees, and karaoke’s.


Hot Dog got right to business. We moseyed to the basketball court and broke into two groups to do 5:30’s. This is 30 reps of 5 different exercises. Once you finished all the reps of each exercise, the group would take a lap around the arboretum. The exercises were Merkins, Air Squats, Mountain climbers, Raise the Roofs, and LBCs. We did this for approximately 3 laps.

Post Thang:

Hot Dog chilled the group out with some yoga exercises. Folsom got too relaxed and then blamed it on wine from the the night before. None of the group was aware that Taco Bell sold wine.


We did some planks, frozen freddies, and heels to heaven.


Hot Dog acknowledged the tragedy in Texas and encouraged all of us to not take anything for granted, especially our loved ones and our health.

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