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Q: Unicycle

PAX Members: Fire Walker, Bayside, Bob Ross, Vlasic (Respect), Lincoln Log (Respect x2), Mr. Miyagi, Ditty, Bambi, Speed Square, Crabcakes, Mufasa

YHC: Welp…this is why ya pop-up…and it ties in to our theme…hang with me. It was a misty morning. 5AM. AO set to destroy. T’was Bambi, Fire Walker, Bob Ross, Speed Square, and YHC. I previously mapped out the Pre-Run via Gmaps (+1), however, in practice, missed our turnaround at Cornhusker Rd (-1) and almost saw Giles. This added a bonus 1.26m to my/Bambi/Bob Ross’s journey, and 8 mins to our arrival time (smh). Fire Walker and Speed Square read the memo and turned back in time. (+1) Meanwhile, back at the shovel flag… Ditty ran The Welcome and a lil’ impromptu Warm-a-Rama like a seasoned pro (I heard) while Mufasa “being Mufasa” prepared the ish talk track. (+2) I didn’t anticipate the morning would start like that…

…and neither did the students and faculty of Robb Elementary yesterday.


*Motivators – Starting at 9

*Sun Gods (19 IC)

*Line Tracer

*Shuttle Run

Mosey to Northside Wall

Wall Sit while passing a coupon down the line and back (3 times)

Mosey back to parking lot, PAX rifle carries the coupon to next station

The Thang:

Parking Lot Jam

While 2 PAX perform 21 reps w/ Coupon (Swings, Press, Curls, etc.), remaining PAX Jam on the list (AMRAP).

  1. Big Ones (9 IC Slowly)
  2. Line Jumper (19 IC)
  3. Alternating Lunges (19 IC)
  4. Air Squats (19)
  5. Cherry Pickers (19 IC)
  6. Monkey Humpers (19 IC)
  7. SSH (19 IC)
  8. Merkins (19 IC)
  9. Bobby Hurleys (19)
  10. Jump Squats (19)

PAX rotate in pairs to complete between reps with coupon (1 set of 21 each) and the list until Omaha.

*fortunate for Mufasa, this didn’t occur because of the issue previously stated.

6 minutes o’ Mary

PAX choice for ab work (Rosalitas, LBCs, Freddie Mercury, American Hammers (Rancid Style))

Announcements / Prayer Requests

Sarpy is growing! Lotta new AOs coming online!

Families of Uvalde


In final prep for the beatdown, I happened upon the news of the day in Uvalde, TX. I was, yet again, sickened by the detail as I read and listened. So, the focus of our time was to remember the 19 little kids and 2 teachers whose lives were snatched away. It was a titch eerie, yet remarkably fitting meeting at Aspen Creek Middle School less than 24 hours after the tragedy. The weight of what took place the previous day 1,000 miles away was heavy as I shared. I encouraged the PAX to speak up and take action where possible to prevent this from happening again. The frequency of events like this were/are off the charts in our nation. Challenged them to hug their families tight because there are many that no longer have that option.

Remember Uvalde, TX & Robb Elementary

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