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Q: Sweet Roll

PAX Members: KOA, Arm Bar, Ear Tag, Swiper, Baby Shark, Animal House, Borat, Jean Claude, Bayside, Zorro. (Golden Doodles: Reba, Ruby and Bailey)

YHC: Welcomed the Pax at 5:30 welcoming to F3’s the Sandlot. “F3 stands for Fitness Fellowship and Faith. F3 has 5 core principles, Free, Open to all men, always held outside, led in a rotating fashion and we Always end in a circle of trust. The mission of F3 is plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership. I am not a professional so please modify as necessary.”

Warm O Rama:

Big ones

Tappy Taps

On your 6 toe touches, right center left

The Thang:

YHC told the Pax that we were going to chain run over to what I call the Dairy Queen bridge. The Pax were to run across the bridge one at a time and plank till the 6. We than took turns running. We then ran to the top of the bridge where YCH asked the group to complete (oyo) 50 Merkins and 25 Big Boys.

Once completed YHC told the Pax that we were to run to St Columbkille’s church parking lot. On the way anyone could call out LEROY JENKINS. If called the Pax had to stop there run and complete 3 burpees. LEROY F’d things up 3 times on our way to St. C. Once at the St C parking lot YHC told the group that we would be sprinting to one end of the parking lot and would jog back. After each jog back we completed wither 10 merkins or 10 Big Boys. Also, Leroy was called one more time. We then took the long run back to the shovel flags to end the workout. Leroy was not called again. Total miles 3 something..

Announcements/Prayer Requests

COT: I asked the Pax to pray for me and my family. I lost my father 11 years ago on Tuesday. I told them that I didn’t want this to be a sad message or COT but s message to remember the ones we have lost. I mentioned Mark Kaipust and his son, Swipers father, the 2 recent HS baseball players, Chris Gradoville (Nugent) Holy shit. So much loss. We miss them so much. But rather than be sad today let’s be with them through our thoughts and actions.  Let’s remember all that was good about them and to live the rest of this day and week by personifying their best characteristics as a way to honor and respect the legacies they left behind.


Sweet Roll

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Sandlot

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