DATE: 2022-05-25
AO: Heavy-Metal
Q: Spacebar
PAX: Othello, Joe Bradley, Beta Max, Edison, Oompa, Grease Fire, Touche’, Wentworth, PJ Biodrowski – Schrute, Gunner, Stapler, Safe Ride, Cyclone, TC, Tater Tot, Q-Tip, bloodshot, Pigpen, Black Flag, Golden Pike (GP), Spreadsheet, Folsom, bovine, Polaroid, The Plague, Black Jack, Romeo, U-Haul, Doll Face FNGs: Boji, Mahomes,
Q: Spacebar
Given promptly at 0530, Spacebar greeted the pax on a misty morning, gave the Mission Statement, Core Principles and Disclaimer.

Q: Folsom
Folsom started out very un-Heavy-like by forcing the Pax to run a lap around the AO. YHC didn’t hear any grumbling about this. After that, Folsom was true to his normal Heavy Q… good warmup exercises, followed by some curls, probably more curls, his famous Kitchen Sink thrown in for good measure, probably followed by more curls. Sooo many curls Folsom… 😉

Part 1: Q: Betamax
YHC thought that this segment of the beatdown really sucked. Beta had the Pax line up in two lines, facing each other. Each line took turns doing a whole lotta planking and a whole lotta merkins. Followed by a whole lotta Squat Thrusts. YHC is hurting right because of this.

Part 2: Q: Spacebar
As quick as possible, we divided Pax into 5 groups. Each group was assigned to a station position around the obelisk with Station one designated as the push group. QIC was pleased with this segment, might have to revisit this in the future.

Part 3: Q: Doll Face
Back at the playground, in a circle, Doll Face had the Pax do a new exercise called “The Nugent.” Weights in both hands, raised above your head like you’re pulling back a bow n arrow. Pull back the arrow hand x5 times. Repeat with opposite hand being the bow hand. Nice and new and a great tribute! Reverse grip curls followed. Then a song-based exercise with Pax holding a plank and doing a merkin each time the singer said “I push for Jesus”. Sooo many merkins. YHC’s shoulders where completely shot by this time.

Doll Face lead the Pax with a short 6MOM, including flutter kicks and Low Dollies(?), can’t quite recall…

As usual, Comms Q Safe Ride covered the announcements. He does a consistently great job at this. But for the life of me, i can recall what this mornings announcements were… #Fail.

Thank you to those who posted at Heavy during the past year and a big thank you to those who Q’d.

Heavy is a unique AO and for some of us, holds a special place in our F3 hearts.

My only real goal as Site Q for Heavy was to not F up so bad that I killed the site. When Beta asked me to be Site Q, I thought he was crazy. While I regularly posted at Heavy, I had never Q’d it. And I really didn’t think of myself as someone who could lead a Site. But when Beta asked me, I immediately knew my answer would be yes. F3 challenges to grow in many was, and this was a challenge I knew I had to take.

I’ve never been someone who readily asks for help, part of my introverted self. Being a Site Q has been very rewarding and made me grow as each time I asked someone to Q, I was asking for help. I’ve learned over the past year that I can ask for help, to lean in on my F3 brothers. SO THANK YOU.

In the future, should one of you be asked to be a Site Q, DO IT! You’re not alone, you’ll have help and support from countless other men.

Several months ago, I think we were running of all things, Doll Face said to me, “I just love Heavy.” Doll Face was already on my list of candidates for the shovel flags, and when he said that to me, I knew he was the right man. Doll Face is going to be a great Site Q for Heavy. Looking forward to seeing what this HIM does.

Doll Face also provided a short & sweet COT.

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