AO: The Helix  | Hillsborough Park

May 24th, 2022

58 degrees, cool in the air, calm, quiet before the storm

PAX- Panty Hose, House Party, Theraband, TC, Black Flag, Convoy, Bieber, Tube Socks, Pig Pen, Chowda, Truly, Tea Party, Mulligan, Romeo

Q: Roadhouse

My first time ever at the Helix. This had been a long time coming. I can remember texting with Panty Hose about possible locations and names for this site last spring. And now here I was. I pulled into the lot around 5:03 AM. I had to get a lay of the land.

An early morning text from Panty Hose had warned that the grass had not been cut and there were some jungle like conditions. This didn’t seem like a big deal but apparently Chucky bitches about the grass all the time here. Apparently, he likes his sites like he likes his ass, freshly shorn and baby soft…

I walked the path around the site thinking it would be a great venue for a possible beaver run and then scouted the best spot for the Thang. I found the Hill. A worthy adversary for my two man grinder that I had planned. I walked the hill to ensure its abilities and then walked back down to the lot. I looked back at the hill and whispered under my breath, “she will do just fine.”

I got all set up and headed back to the flag. Slowly, PAX started to arrive. First was TC and we had what can only be described as a lovely chat. Every time I get to talk to TC, my life is simply better. Then more PAX started to arrive. At 5:30 there were 15 of us. A perfect number.

I limped through the F3 welcome. 3 Fs. Five core principles. I am not a professional. I also thanked Panty Hose for the opportunity to lead. And with that we moseyed to the basketball courts for some Warm-a-rama.


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC

Big Ones 10 each leg

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Goof Balls 15 IC

After Warm-a-rama, I announced we would be doing a Beaver Run inspired by man ArmBra. We would circle the park on the path with a mosey and stop along the way to do set of 10 merkins. Someone in the group asked if it was a Beaver Run or a Bieber Run, as our man Bieber was in attendance. I called an audible and made it a Beiber run. While we moseyed we all had to randomly flip our gorgeous knight like hair along the way.


Beaver (or Bieber Run) Run along the trail. Sets of 10 Merkins along the way.

We arrived at the bottom of the hill and I let the group know it would be a two man grinder this morning. At the top of the hill was the “Core for Sure” station. Sets of 20 core exercises to get that shit tight for swimsuit season. At the bottom of the hill, a series of alternating leg and shoulder exercises.

In between the two stations was a daunting climb up the hill. I partnered with Convoy and Bieber and we got started. There was lots of mumble chatter which I love and also lots of encouragement and high fives as people passed each other on the hill. The PAX never stopped moving.


We’re going to do a 2-man tag team grinder today.

Partner up. One guy will do exercises while the other guy runs up the hill and does set of 20 core exercises

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Star Fish Crunches

20 Freddy Mercuries

20 LBCs

20 Box Cutters  

The other guy will do the list of exercises in AMRAP until the other guy returns


Carolina Dry Docks

Copperhead squats

Cherry Pickers

Bonnie Blairs

Air Presses

Sumo Squats


Jump Squats

At 6:04 AM, Omaha was called. We circled up for Mary and started with some Guantanamo Bay which I learned from my man Mother Goose.


Guantanamo Bay

Low Dollies 15

Rosalitas 15

E2K 10 each

American Hammer Rancid Style 15  

And recover. The beatdown was over. The PAX had survived. We did good.

Name a rama went shockingly smooth and we kicked into announcements.


12 in 22 this Sunday

 Bieber passed the Nugent Flag to TC. Hate to Respect! It was a beautiful!

Prayer Requests:

For Mulligan’s son Xavier who is struggling through some issues

For Z-Bo’s friend who is battling terminal cancer

For TC who has a couple speaking gigs this week and will inspire the masses

For the all kids finishing up school this week.


Full disclosure: I was a sensitive child.

Update: I am a sensitive adult…

I started crying two minutes after I was born and honestly, I haven’t stopped for 43 years. I cry when I am sad. I cry when I am happy. I cry when I am mad. I cry when I am proud. I cry when a singer gets a chair to turn on the Voice. But c’mon, their dream is coming true!

As the youngest of three boys I have always been the baby and my older brothers have picked on me for being so sensitive. As a man, sometimes I have felt insecure about being so sensitive. It has been something about myself that I have not always loved.

But recently I heard something that changed all that. In an interview I was listening to someone said of sensitive people.

“Being so sensitive is the greatest thing. And it’s the worst thing. Because you feel everything. BUT you get to feel everything!”

I thought about this for a while and I realized that while it can be hard and exhausting to be this sensitive, it also allows me to FEEL EVERYTHING! I feel every emotion and I feel it more than most people.

When I look around the world and see suffering, I feel pain and the sadness for what they are going through. When I finish teaching a class, I feel joy and accomplishment because I get to do what I love.

When a person hurts someone that I love, I feel angry and frustrated that I cannot help more.

And when Bodhi looks up at me with those gorgeous eyes and tells me that he loves me and that I am his best friend, I literally feel all the feels. Every single one.

And you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Because when you feel like that, you feel alive. You feel human. And you feel vulrnable and real.
 As men, we often feel like we need to be tough and strong so we don’t allow those emotions to come to us. We put our guards up and we miss out on feeling those emotions. But when you allow yourself to feel it all, even the bad, it makes the good that much better.

So, reflect on where you are putting up walls and not allowing yourself to feel and open yourself up brother! Because as human beings, we GET TO FEEL EVERYTHING!

I love you guys!


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