DATE: 2022-05-18
AO: Heavy-Metal
Q: Stella
PAX: Tenderfoot (Brian Johnson), Doll Face, Folsom, Hipster, Pigpen, Touche’, bloodshot, Spacebar FNGs: None
5:30 AM: Pax met at the shovel flags. YHC welcome 9 HIM and reviewed the mission statement of F3 and 5 Core Principles. Disclaimer also given.

We then took a short mosey to the stage for Warm-A-Rama. Warm-A-Rama consisted of the following exercises:

• Wind Mills
• Tappy taps
• High Knees

For the Pre-Thank we continued a mosey over to the benches for two rounds of DDS, which was 20 Dips, 20 Derkins, 20 Step ups.

Today’s Thang was a 3 Man Group Beatdown. We posted up at the arc of the sidewalk around the Oblesk. In the groups, we completed each round of the below exercises and then sprinted to the state for 5 burpees. We rinsed and repeated until Omaha, which was called at 6:05 AM. Round 1

• 30 Goblet squats
• 20 Bent Over Rows
• 15 Shoulder press

Round 2

• 30 Kettlebell swing
• 20 Close grip chest press
• 15 Big boys w/ weights

Round 3

• 30 Curls
• 20 Triceps Extension
• 10 Dead Lifts

At 6:05 AM, Omaha was called we returned to the playground for 6MOM. For Mary we did Box Cutters, Low Dollys, LBCs and 3 rounds of Rancid Hammers.


During the kettle bell swings, YHC’s 20lb dumbbell flew out of his hand and almost landed on Hipster!! His quick reflexes saved him!
COT today was about “Don’t Be Miserable In Advance” YHC recited Bible verse about not worrying about tomorrow and read a quote from Seneca, which states. “It’s ruinous for the soul to be anxious about the future and miserable in advance of misery…” YHC elaborated that when you really think about it, it is not logical to be miserable about something that “might” but has not happened. Keep that in mind. Closed out with Prayer and coffee followed at Starbucks.

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