May 13, 2022

The Armory


0530-Opening-Good morning Men of F3, my name is Kobayashi! and I will be your VQ this morning. It is a honor to be with you great men today!

F3- Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith

5 core principles

-open to all men

-always outdoors

-free of charge

-leadership is a rotating schedule

-we end in a COT


-leave no man behind, and leave no man where you we found him


-Plant, Grow, Serve for the reinvigoration of men in community leadership

I am not a professional, there is risk involved, so please modify as needed

Any FNGs?  No FNGs this morning

0533-Warm-Up Exercises

20 Tappy Taps led by Blades

20 Air Squats led by Gator

0535-We then jogged approximately 0.2 miles to the recycling parking lot

-20 Side straddle hops led by Kobayashi

0538-We then jogged approximately 0.5 miles to downtown Elkhorn

-20 Abdominal Crunches led by Thor

-20 American Hammers led by Wait Time

*note I should have called out the number of repetitions for each exercise prior to delegating to the men

0545-We then jogged approx. another 0.5 miles to a grassy hill by the Elkhorn Middle School

-while we were waiting all men to arrive, the rest of us did planking or chill-cuts on our count

-when all men arrived, I explained the exercise Jacob’s Ladder

-we all did Jacob’s Ladder (we ran up and down the hill 7 times and we all did a sequence of burpees, for a total of 28 burpees)

0555-Jogged approx. 0.2 miles to the football field

-while waiting for all men to arrive we did Al Gore exercises

-when all men arrived, I explained the exercise 1st & 10

-we all did 50 merkins, sprinted a total of 150 yards, and jogged a total of 150 yards

-while we were waiting for all men to complete we did scissor kicks on our own count

0605-Omaha and we jogged back to our starting point (approx. 0.5 miles)

–while we were waiting for all men to arrive at starting point, Barn Door led us in a 20 count of Bonnie Blairs

-when all men arrived, we did a round of American Hammers and 27 men attended

-Name o Rama

-Announcements and Prayer Requests (Hey Hey requested prayer for his family and Wait Time informed us of the Creighton Baseball game tomorrow night

0610-COT devotional— I came about one year ago because I was invited by Blades. I didn’t know what the heck I was getting into, but for some reason I kept coming back. As Warren Buffett says, “in order to be successful you need to be around people better than you,” so that is why I kept coming back. I really appreciate this groups’ willingness to build strong men. Blades then offered some encouraging words on how I have developed over the last year.

I led the prayer and we closed and men were then invited to Starbucks on 204th St. in Elkhorn.

This was a great experience in leadership. I do wish I would’ve had questions to bring about discussion while waiting for men to arrive at the various locations. I also should’ve told the men I delegated, the number of repetitions for each exercise. 

It was a privilege to be your VQ and I have a new appreciation for VQs!

God Bless,


Kobayashi and Blades of Glory
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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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