DATE: 2022-05-13
AO: -Woodshed
Q: Golden Pike (GP)
PAX: Othello, Stapler, Toadstool, Ice T, Invictus, Pony Express, Ponzi, Blades of Glory, Buns Of Steel, Doppler, Dome, U-Haul, Black Jack FNGs: Spaghetti-Os, Cold Cuts, Mad Dog
Had the PAX get in a circle and I called on different guys to do different things, including some new guys. We did:

20 SSH
15 Tappy Taps
15 Chuck Norris Merkins
15 Cherry Pickers

Divided the PAX into two teams. Both teams lined up and faced each other in the parking lot.

One person from each team would square off with one person naming an exercise and then the other person rolled a dice. If the dice was a normal roll (i.e. 3 + 4,etc) then we’d do that many reps of the exercise x3. If it was doubles, we’d do AMRAP while the person who called out the exercise ran to a tree about 200 yards away.

Once we made it through all the PAX, we’d then keep the teams and did a wild goose chase.

I put 5 cones down all in a big circle in the park. Each cone had same exercise for ducks and geese but different reps. The geese got a head start but they did more reps than the ducks, except for the burpees. (i.e., Ducks = 17 merkins, Geese = 23 merkins)

By the time they get to the home station, whichever team is last has to do 10 burpees.


Ended with calling out different guys to lead Mary. We did:

Frozen Freddies
Low Dollies
Heel Touches
Heels to heaven

Ended with Rancid-style hammers


– Bovine and E-85 are expecting new babies to their families soon.
– Othello is graduating with his Master’s. He was presented with a Huffy custom coupon. – Brick Builder is next weekend.


In life, there are people who don’t always play by the rules and they still win. There are people who also play by the rules and lose. Life often isn’t fair. Doesn’t mean we should accept injustice. But instead of channeling our anger and frustration into more anger and frustration, we should try and realize that where we’re at is where we’re called to make an impact. The people who surround you are there for you to influence in the most positive ways you can. Social good still matters but lets not lose the sense of our responsibility to imbue positivity and goodness in the world by controlling our own behavior. We can make a difference (even in small ways) by shining a light in the darkness around us.

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