Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 / The Danger Zone/ Papillion South High School, Papillion, NE / 78 degrees, 91% Humidity

YHC: Mortar (VQ)

14 Pre-runners: Animal House, Borat, Chernobyl, Double Dip, Duracell, Firewalker, Fun Dip, Khakis, KOA, Maaco, Schrute, Slow Pitch, Swiper, Tater Tot

28 PAX: Animal House, Baby Shark, Beta Max, Borat, Brando, Chernobyl, Corn Pirate, Double Dip, Duracell, Ear Tag, Feeny, Firewalker, Flowers, Fun Dip, Khakis, Knobs, KOA, Low Flow, Maaco, Mortar, Rooney, Schrute, Slow Pitch, Speed Square, Stranglehold, Sweet Sweet, Swiper, Tater Tot

5:15am Mortar welcomed the Pax to F3 – Covered what F3 is, the Mission Statement, Moto, 5 core principles, and reminded everyone that Mortar is certainly is not a professional.

5:18am: Warm-a-rama – Pax moseyed over to the mid field and circled up.

  • Side Straddle Hops (15 I/C)
  • Tappy Taps (10 I/C)
  • Sun Gods (10 I/C both directions)

5:21: Pre-Thang

  • We mosey to the south goal line. We ran from the south goal line to the north goal line. Once there we did 15 merkins. Then ran back to the south goal line where we did 5 burpies. Once completed, we ran to the 50yd. line where we did another 15 merkins. We then ran back to the south goal line and completed another 5 burpies. We ended running back down to the north goal line. Completing another set of 15 merkins, before running back to the south goal line to finish with a final 5 burpies.

5:26: Beatdown

  • We separated into 5 separate groups
    • Station 1
      • Carolina Dry Docks (15)
      • Cherry Pickers (15 I/C)
      • Mtn. Climbers (15 I/C)
        • Jog to Station 2
    • Station 2
      • Bleacher run (Hitting every step)
        • Jog to Station 3
    • Station 3
      • Merkins (20)
      • Alt. Shoulder Taps (15 I/C)
      • Diamond Merkins (10)
        • Bear Crawl to goal post and jog the rest of the way to station 4
    • Station 4
      • Monkey Uppers (20 I/C)
      • Air Squat (30)
      • Lunges (15yrds. – jog after)
        • After lunges jog to Station 5
    • Station 5
      • Burpies (10)
      • Heels to Heaven (15)
      • Ranger Merkins (15)
      • Frozen Freddies (15 I/C)

5:46: OMAHA

5:48: Mary

  • Flutter Kicks (15 I/C)
  • Freddy Mercuries (15 I/C)
  • Sarpy Slammers (28 total)


  • Brick Builder 5-21-22
  • There were more but I was asking a question so that is all I got.

Prayer Request:

  • Retweet and his wife.
  • Girl Dad and his mom

COT: Mortar started by thanking Fun Dip for bringing him out to F3. He then thanked Animal House for the assistance in helping as the site Q and Rooney for the BIG lights. Then went on to talk about taking a step back and recognizing the many blessings we have and the things we are thankful for. Spoke about not recognizing all the things his wife or parents or others do. Challenged the Pax to reflect and thank their wife, kids, co-workers, assistants, parents, or anyone that maybe goes unnoticed, unappreciated at times, or just needed thanked for what they do.

I took us out in prayer. Mortar.

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