PAX: Wait Time, Brazilian, Sparty, Ozark, LPC, Slow Pitch, Tater Tot, Khakis, Mulligan, Sven, Truly, Pantyhose, Toto, Nailed It, Slapshot, Cosmo, Theisman, Vandelay, Ice T, Chickletts, Hey Hey, Black Flag, Romeo, Frosty, Tube Socks, Warren G, Corndog, Blanks, Hermondo, Tea Party

Q: Honey Stinger

AO: The Helix, F3 Omaha, 5:30am 5/10/22

5:30am -Greetings, hugs/handshakes, core principals, mission statement

5:31am-a strong and deep group of PAX takes off on a solid paced mosey to the tennis courts where Stinger circles up the PAX for a fast paced WOR

WOR: Goof Balls, Imperial Walkers, High Knees, Sun Gods, MTN Climbers, Tater Taps, SSHs, Alternating shoulder taps, tempo markins, merkins, bob Hurleys, monkey humpers, Werkins. Is this still WOR the PAX wonders? Yep, confirms Stinger

Stinger keeps the rattled PAX on the court to run 5 set of lines with a run, Side shuffle, back peddle, Side shuffle. The mumblechatter starts off heavy.

Stinger leads the PAX out of the tennis courts to the open field to the south. The PAX is informed to partner up, perform a partner wheel barrow carry, 10 IC SSHs, trade and do 10 Bobby Hurleys. With mumblechatter high, Stinger carries on for 4 rounds of these shenanigans before calling the PAX to mosey and move on.

After a brief mosey Stinger informs the PAX to re connect with their partner for a thang thang thang. One partner runs, does a burpee, runs again, does a burpee before relieving their partner who is doing Merkins, LBCs, Hand release merkins, squat jumps, LBCs, Carolina DD, Big Boys,

6:03am- Stinger Calls Omaha to the pleasure of the PAX who returns to the shovel flags for 6MM

6MM. Flutter kicks, low dollys, pickle pushers, American hammers.

Announcements: F3 Brick-builder event 5/21.

Prayers: that’s between the PAX and the Sky Q

COT: a little goes a long way. We can get a lot out of a short amount of time men. We put so much pressure on ourselves to spend the most time, the most money, work the most, invest the most but in reality it doesn’t take that much to get a lot. Make the most of what you have. Invest in relationships even if its for 10 min. Exercise, even if its for 30 min. Give up some money, even if its just a few bucks for your kids, family or friends. A little goes a long way…………..I’ve seen it so many times………….i know its true, I’ve seen it in the PAX for the last 4 years.

YHC H.Stinger


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