DATE: 2022-05-05
AO: Heavy-Metal
Q: Spacebar
PAX: Toadstool, Vanilla Ice, Black Jack, Wentworth, Biff, Scoober, Oompa, Stella, Safe Ride, Joe Bradley, Barbershop, Tin Cup, Moon Man, Rollbar, Ruxpin, Tugboat (Grant Leach), Invictus, Pigpen, F3 Omaha Jeeves – Elementary School., Smashmouth FNGs: Ripcord (FNG), Hotdog
– Big Ones x10 IC
– Cherry Pickers x15 IC
– Tappy Taps x15 IC
– Hill Billys x15 IC
– Goofballs x15 IC

It was darker out than I expected. I was going to do a String of Pearls around the arboretum, but I heard of Pax falling during a previous beatdown doing so and didn’t want anyone getting injured. Instead, we did some hill work… Ran down hill just west of the AO, did 20 Monkey Humpers (IC), ran back up the hill, 20 Merkins, ran down another hill, did 20 WWI sit ups. Once completed, I had the Pax run back to the playground.

Gather Pax on the basketball court. Pax will AMRAP an exercise. Sets of 3 Pax takes a turn with the Hill. When the Pax returns from the Hill, group moves onto the next AMRAP exercise.

– The Hill
– Bernie Sanders up the hill
– Perform 5 sandbag burpees
– Sprint back to the group
– AMRAP Exercises
– Merkins
– Plank Jacks
– SSH / Bobby Hurleys
– Huffy 10-speeds
– Air Squats
– Alt-Lunges
– SSH / Bobby Hurleys
– Squat Jumps
– Big Boys
– LBCs
– SSH / Bobby Hurleys
– Flutter Kicks

20 IC Flutter Kicks
American Hammers – Rancid Style

Brickbuilder coming up in a few weeks

I go to a fair amount of concerts. I used to write private reviews of the concerts I attended, so that I could remember who I’ve seen and what the show was like. I recently reread my show notes for Youth Lagoon, a concert I attended 11 years ago at the Slowdown. Other than the typical notes about the band and the music, I wrote about standing next to a father and daughter (who I didn’t know) and watching them enjoy the fantastic show. I noted that I hoped some day, I’d be able to share similar experiences with Stella, my daughter, who at that time was 5 or 6 years old.

I had purchased tickets to see Snoop Dogg in Lincoln… on 4/20. As it sometimes happens, the friend i was going to go to the show with, backed out… and so did his replacement, the day before the concert! Stella had been lobbying us to go see Snoop. I was totally against it, for fairly obvious reasons. Amy, my M, was fine with the idea of Stella going with me, and in the end, they won the argument and I took Stella to see Snoop. It turned out to be a great evening.

When I wrote those words 11 years ago, I didn’t have Snoop at the top of my list of such concerts. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expect them to, and thats perfectly ok. We roll with it. And sometimes the real outcomes become even more memorable.

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