PAX: Wait Time, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Da Kine, Hard Hat, Griswold, Rowdy, Robin Hood, Pit Stop, Lincoln Logs, Ozark, Obi-Wan, Fine Print, Wax On, Bayside, Sasquash, De-Cleat, Convoy, Bieber, Unicycle, Vlasick, Tee Ball, Escobar, SLow Clap, Yodel, Big Unit, Tea Party, Barn Door

Q: Barn Door

28 PAX arrived at the Flags and heard the Core principles and disclaimer. 

Warm-a-rama consisted of:

  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Abe Vigoda – 15 IC (Slow Windmill)
  • Makhtar N’Diayes – 10 IC (High Plank to chill Plank)
  • Smurf Jacks – 10 IC (squatting jumping jacks)
  • Mt Climbers – 15 IC


  • High Knees/Ass Kickers – One down, other back
  • Karaoke – Down and back
  • Skip for Height – Down and back
  • Backward Run/Sprint – One down, other back


Create square with cones approximately 20’ apart.

Partner up

#1: Bear Crawl, Lunge, Crab Walk, Duck Walk around square

Flapjack after each square

#2: AMRAP till relieved: Merkins, LBCs, Monkey Humpers, Burpees, Pickle Pushers

As a group run a lap around the football field and return to square

#1: Bear Crawl, Lunge, Crab Walk, Duck Walk around square

Flapjack after each square

#2: AMRAP till relieved: Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, Low Slow Flutter kicks

Plank to 6

As a Group:

Smurf Jacks – 10 IC (squatting jumping jacks)

Plank Jacks – 10 IC

Makhtar N’Diayes – 10 IC (High Plank to chill Plank)

“Omaha” was called and the PAX gathered at the shovel flags.


  • Marge and Homer – 10 (Legs up is Marge, Legs low hold is Homer)
  • Box Cutters – 10 IC
  • Hammers – Rancid round


  • Mission Forge Launch on Monday
  • Brick Builder May 21
  • First Friday lunch tomorrow at Pacific Springs – Support Grease Fire


  • Skidz tore his meniscus
  • Pit Stop’s M for continued radiation
  • Oompa tore his calf muscle
  • Unicycle’s mom second surgery went well, now time for radiation.

Circle of Trust:

“I think that we are getting soft. I think that we are letting others get soft. We’ve stopped pushing ourselves. We’ve stopped pushing each other. If 20 burpees are called you guys are doing 6 or 7. We are not giving it our all. We’re getting out of bed in the morning and checking that box. I’ve done something hard. No you haven’t. Doing something hard means pushing yourself far far outside of your comfort zone. Taking your body, your mind somewhere where you don’t think that it belongs. Pushing yourself. Once you do that, you’re going to go to a whole new space. That’s how we grow as individuals.That’s how we grow as a group. That’s how we accelerate as men. That’s how we make a difference in our lives and in our communities. Being better today than we were yesterday. Leading by example because this is an organization of attraction not promotion.” 

– Slaughter (F3 Nation Nantan)

Tonight Show took us out in prayer.


Barn Door

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