12 Pax: Paramount, Q-Tip (Respect x2),  Bloodshot, Samples (Respect), Beaker, Cutting Edge, Splinter, Biff, Swinger, Greek Freak, Grandma’s Boy, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered just outside the track. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was made, and then Folsom lead the Pax over to the goal line for some dynamic warm ups.

Warm O’ Rama (Dynamic)

Start on the goal line, every 20 yards a new exercise was called.

  1. Butt Kickers
  2. High Knees
  3. Karaoke facing east
  4. Karaoke facing west
  5. Bernie Sanders
  6. Mosey back 100 yards
  7. Tappy Taps x10IC

The Thang: The Wrecktangle

Folsom had the PAX count off into 4’s, explained the four stations, and sent the PAX on their merry way. After completing the first exercise listed, the PAX going the length of the field sprinted to the next station, while the PAX going the width of the field bear crawled to the next station. Rinse and Repeat for 3-4 times.


  1. Legs: Sumo x20IC, Bonnie Blairs x20IC, Failure to Launch x10IC, Hydraulic Squats x15IC, Apollo Ohno’s x20IC
  2. Upper Body: Merkins x25, Cherry Pickers x25IC, Chuck Norris x25, CDD x15,   Werkins x20
  3. Core: Big Boys x20, Frozen Fredy x20IC, Imperial Walkers x20IC, Flutter Kicks x25IC, Chill Cut x60 secondsc
  4. Cardio: S,S,H x25IC, Mountain Climbers x25IC, Goof Balls x20IC, Alarm Clocks x15IC, Sprinklers x20IC


  • Folsom let the PAX choose their own ab exercises and lead the PAX through them.

COT: Folsom started the workout complaining about the cold and wind so late in April and eve said he would have fartsacked if he wasn’t the Q. But, the honest truth is, Folsom would have posted regardless. Folsom has learned to become disciplined about the alarm clock and F3. Five to seven days a week, every week. Don’t wait for inspiration to do the things you ought to do. Save that for the things you want to do. When something is important to you and needs to be done, be disciplined and go do it. Folsom encouraged the PAX to examine their lives and see what they needed to be disciplined about.

Aye- Folsom

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