24 PAX: Thomas, Thor, Da Kine, Tea Party, Uni Cycle, T-Ball, Wax On, Fine Print, Hoser, Muffs, Robin Hood, Gator, Tonight Show, Cheap Seats, Decleat, Mufasa, Patchy Adams, Speed Square, Sippy Cup (FNG), Bandcamp, Barn Door, Blades of Glory, Diddy, Gump

0530 Welcomed PAX around the shovel flags, Gave F3 Mission Statement, 5 core principles and credo to leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him. Explained disclaimer.

We welcomed FNG Ryker (Sippy Cup) to F3

Took a light run or Jog (soft J) around the east side of the park for Warm a Rama

Warm a rama – Sun Gods front and back, Big ones, Tappy Taps and Calf Stretch.  Inspired by the 4th Anniversary workout, completed 7 rounds of the motivator: side straddle hop full, ¾, Jacks , hops.  Completed Warm a rama with 10 Catalinas

Pre Thang: Moved over to the steeper hill and completed 4 rounds of Bernie Sanders up the hill and completed an exercise at the top each time: 20 Alt Shoulder Taps (IC), 10 Hydraulic Squats, 20 Merkins and 20 Monkey Humpers (IC)

The Thang: Ran back around the park to the football field. Broke into 2 man groups to complete a ladder workout.  Starting on goal line, complete 5 Burpees. Each 10 yards had a different exercise complete the exercise and go back to the goal line. Moving up 10 yards each time stopping at each exercise before moving on. Goal line 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 20 LBC, 30 Mt Climbers (IC), 40 Flutter Kicks (IC), 50 Air Squats,

Made it through all of the stations before calling OMAHA at 0606.  Moved back to the shovel flags.

6MOM – Rosalitas, Flutter Kicks 20 IC holding 6 inches and ending with American Hammers Rancid.

Name o rama, Welcomed and Named FNG Sippy Cup brought in by Speed Square, Announcements and Prayer request from Muff for family member TC going in for addiction treatment

COT:  Explained how in life sometimes we have to let something go in order to succeed. Gave a story about how proud I was of my son the last weekend when he went to his first Boy Scout Campout on his own. They had 65+ mph winds which destroyed their tent. He and his buddy got up, tried to tie the tent back down with broken poles only to be ripped apart again by the wind. So they found a leaders truck and slept there for the night. They found a solution to their problem. I had to let him go on his own so that he could be successful. I asked the PAX to reflect on their own lives. Life is hard, marriage is hard, raising kids is hard, work is hard,  fighting an addiction is hard. Find the thing that is toxic in their life and Let it Go so they can find the success in their life.

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