April 22, 2022 (Friday)

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Weather:  58 Degrees with a gentle breeze

12 PAX: Slow Clap (respect), Roll bar, Tea Party, Vlasic (respect), Lincoln Log (respect), Cheap Seats, Big Unit, Gator, Slick, Thor, Mufasa, Blades of Glory

Q: Blades of Glory

(warning backblast contains grammar mistakes, errors, run ons, incomplete sentences.  Blades of Glory is slowly getting better with Twitter but within every tweet you can find a spelling or grammar mistake)  So if like perfection.. I highly recommend you do not continue to read.

Pre Run:  Barn Door warned us he wouldn’t make it.  He has had a great streak on Strava.  But it is an excused absence so it’s all good.  Cheap seats was already in the parking lot when I got there at 4:48.  I Set up what I could then waited until 5:00 Guessing the Storms kept some in bed not wanting to get pre soaked in the pre run.  But the run was dry except for the puddles.

Made it back from the pre-run at 5:25 and had enough time to get the speaker out of my 1 of my 2 cars that were in the parking lot and sync my phone to speaker beforehand.  Then I realized Gator loaded 9 coupons in the Climax.  Or ford C-Max and it still performed well.  Curious if it threw off his brake score… back to f3…

5:30:03  Blades of Glory did the intro and F3 stuff. 5 principles, Moto, not professional, modify as needed.  Cheap seats knew the mission statement but called me out on it so I had to say it out loud.  Gosh…

Warm A  Rama:  Stayed in parking lot.


SSI 10, HK 10, Butt Kick 10 (all I.C.) , inch Worms 5,

Blades of Glory: Got my name from Cheap Seats so had the guys do some Figure Roller skating training that I did back in 1992.  

“Blades of Glory” at the 1992 Junior Olympics. Courtesy of Jeff G.

Pre-Pre Thang

Arms staying straight out for a song that last 3 min with 50 tracks from the 80’s megamashup.. Shout it out if you know the song.  

3 Minutes did random stuff while trying to make small chat and guess who is singing what song.  

Squat, Lunges, etc.  , Do an axel or Jump.. Arms hurt after a while and it was fun to see full grown men try to do figure skating axel jump move.  No one fell…


Due to the rain being forecasted for early morning, Blades tried his best to keep his Pax happy.. Blades of Glory experienced another 1 year anniversary Q the day before when Gator had the pax spend about half of the work out on the football field going through cold wet grass and having our hands freeze.  We didn’t think we would spend half of the work out bear crawling and doing merkins until we couldn’t feel our fingers since the majority of us wore our Spring gloves that soaked up the water.  But that’s what he chose to do.. They say free to lead… .. God bless that man… got a frostbite and is making typing extremely difficult still.  

Blades of Glory is  tall and lanky (as his wife described him on some special papers that were specially delivered a while ago)  and trying to beef up like my son since I know he is like his dad who tries to excel in his fitness goals and in life.  Coupon workout!

Back to F3 again. Pre-Thang…

Randomly shouting stations, coupons, partner up, follow me, set down coupon, do dips, murder bunny, put coupon down..balls to the wall, carry partners block if have a partner if you choose to have one otherwise just carry your own coupon because you have it with you to the next place where we lunge from red thing to other red light then more stations… i am out of breath… That’s pretty much how it went .. Oh and I saw a guy running and was like “hey check out f3 omaha website we will be here next week.”  I doubt he will show up….

So the following is what the stations were and the majority of people partnered up.  There was a group of more than 2 like 4.. So they didn’t listen but they modified… so fine ….modify.  

Lap Station:  Carry a Coupon Riffle carry on back however you want it.  To 2nd set of benches Set coupon down and do 20 dips.  Then Murder Bunny to the Bathroom Wall.  BTTW.  Do 20 Count of (Chicken peakers, donkey kick or balls to wall).  Then if have partner one person farmer carry both coupons halfway to the next spot then rotate.  From sidewalk to Shelter do walking lunges. (This is where the red lights were).  Yeah that is why we did that for a pre-thang cause it was too confusing to write all out and have them read at each spot.  

20’s coupon Station:

20 Air squats with coupon:

20 Durkins on Coupon

20 Curls w/ coupon

Blockis Station:

20 Blockies

Abe Station

20 Big boys

20 Frozen Freddies (IC)

20 Flutter Kicks (IC)

At 6:04 Blades called Omaha we somehow got everything back to the flag.  

Name o Rama:

Then announcements:  check slack but same old… not that there are old.  They are good but if you showed up this week like all the other 11 pax members have been doing this week they heard it…


Someone said their wife is pregnant but not sure how much is confidential.  Pax asked him who they thought the father was…

COT:  It’s my 1 year anniv….. Then awkward silence…  No like really there was awkward silence… Bladesgot emotional out of the gate and didn’t recover… so Pax picked up the 6 by saying great things about Him.  So it went as it went… Gator led us out in prayer…  

Then to celebrate, Blades of Glory brought some beer.  Yes, root beer.  Still doing the one year no beer and almost to the 1.5 years.  But more excited for the 1 year F3 anniversary for Blades of Glory.

If blades of Glory would have talked he would of said.  A f3 guy, named Shunder,  from he doesn’t know where,  told him about a great group of guys that he should check out so said google F3 omaha and just showed up.  So not knowing anyone Blades of Glory  ‘showed up’ at Maize when Cheap seats was the Q and has continued to show up….  Blades told Shunder he was right… Blades of Glory still talks to Shunder frequently.  But not as much since he knows so many other Pax member who have been great support for him over the past year…. There more but will leave it for another cot when Blades of Glory actually talks.  


1 year strong and still going strong….

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