Backblast Brickyard: Celebrations

4/29/22. Brickyard AO | Stinson Park

10 PAX:  Bloodshot, Betamax, Ice T, Folsom, Polaroid, Stella, Low Flow, Spacebar, Vanilla Ice, Slow Pitch

Q: Slow Pitch

Weather: A little cool, it rained the night before, so there was a tad bit of moisture in the grass.

Slow Pitch showed up right at 5:00 and the one pre runner (Stella) had already taken off. This was good because the Q wanted to go over his workout plans with himself since it was his first time Qing at the Brickyard. He doesn’t like coupons and neither do most of his body parts, but when in Rome, bring them along.  He ran over to a few locations doing all the exercises that he had planned and concluded that they could be completed, so it’s a go.

Eight Pax arrived a touch before the start time and then there was a couple stragglers (Ice T and Folsom). Either way the made the morning better.  We went over the mission statement, the three F’s, the five core principles and that Slow Pitch wasn’t a professional. We were doing some running in place while this was going on…and away we went to warmarama.


Mosey to hill on West side (Brickyard Fun Hill)

​10 Merkins on block, Bernie up hill with block (Repeat 4x)We rotated who counted.

Mosey to benches on East side of park, with coupons in hands


Step Ups: 10 Each Leg on Up, holding that sweet baby coupon

Derkins on blocks: 20 on down



Just good energy from everyone! The Q loves a group of a few!

Pre-Thang: Mosey to stage with Coupon

Seal Claps in Al Gore-15IC

Overhead claps-15IC

Sun Gods with a calf Raise 10 IC each direction 

Curls for the girls-25 Folsom Led

Carolina DryBlocks -10 on my down

ATMs-Alternating shoulder taps, tempo merkins, merkins all on the block

Thang: Mosey and Circle up with that baby coupon by playground equipment: 

20 Squats on down 

25 IC SSH 

20 Squats on down

Mosey one lap 

30 Bench Presses

25 IC SSH 

30 Bench Presses

Mosey one lap 

20 Squats on down 

25 IC SSH 

20 Squats on down

20 IC Flutter Kicks Holding Block in air

25 IC SSH 

20 IC Flutter Kicks Holding Block in air

Omaha: 6:04

Mary: Rancid style E2K’s

Namarama, sitting in a circle on our six, finished with the longest Slow Pitchaaah in the history of ridiculous endings.

Announcements: Brickbuilder and 2nd F at Pacific Springs

COT: My 3 years in F3: Wednesday marked 3 years in F3 for Stella and me. I spoke with Stella earlier in the week and his path was very similar to mine. Went to a workout once, then twice then every day, then pre runs and it’s been non-stop since. In the 3 years I’ve been in F3, there have been countess positive moments. If I were to count, I would bet I’ve been to over 900 workouts and listened to that many COTs. There have been below zero degree and 90-degreemornings. I’ve thrown up, I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried. I don’t show up because I like to workout, I show up because I like you and I am grateful you guys are here every morning. Thank you for helping me have a better life and I’ll probably see some of you tomorrow!

Prayer by Polaroid.

Grateful to sit with you and laugh this morning! – Slow Pitch

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