PAX: Samples (RESPECT), Rollbar, Ice T, Slow Piiiiiiiiiitchah, Low Flow, Spacebar, Blue Chip, Lansbury, Trademark, Honey Maid, Z-Bo, Khakis (RESPECT), Invictus, Retweet, Black Flag, Wentworth, Golden Pike

FNG: Stripes (RESPECT)

Q: Edison

Welcomed FNG!

Mosey’d to back of building for…

25 SSH
15 Abe Vigodas
16 Ralphies
15 Cherry Pickers
15 Tappy Taps
Circle Merk

Counted off into 5 groups for…

The Thang:
5 stations with push group

Push group
15 merkins (Q later changed it to 10)
[Q left his marker and a PAX then changed it to 5]

Stations 2-5 were AMRAP until pushed

Station 2
Ranger Merkins
Chuck Norris merkins

Station 3
Mountain Climbers
Oh Yeahs

Station 4
Apollo Onos
Hydraulic Squats

Station 5
Crunchy Frogs
Boat and Canoe


Ice T’s
Flutter Kicks

My M and I had just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I know I love her, but wondered if I show her that enough. I also wondered that for our daughters sake. I remember hearing a quote in church before I was a dad. Howard Hunter was credited for saying “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” By the way you love their mother, you will teach your children about tenderness, loyalty, respect, compassion and devotion. I hope that my daughter not only sees a good father, but also a good husband.

We ended with the Lord’s Prayer.


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