PAX:  Convoy, Bieber, Mother Goose, FDIC, Oompa, Tee Ball, Slap Shot, Blanks, Zeeeeee-bo. 

Q: Truly

Weather:  55 F; wind around 10-15 MPH

Slapshot and I decided to show at 5am and do the pre-run.  No phones on us.   The issue with the pre-run is that we did not have a route, or know a good route.  The last time I was at Spike I ran with Tee-Ball, but by good fortune we met up with Vandelay who did know a route.  Fast forward – It’s 5:20am and Slapshot and I are lost in the residential neighborhood to the South.  By God’s grace Mother Goose rolls up on us in his truck, and kindly points us to safety.  Otherwise, he would have been leading the workout, at least for a while until we eventually found our way home. 

Called 5:30am.

Gave F3 core values, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.   I explained that in the book Freed to Lead stretching is not a requirement of F3.  Pax are supposed to stretch before 5:30am.  BUT I don’t want to be the guy that gets everyone hurt – so I might stick to the F3 Omaha basics. 

Let’s mosey!   To the middle of Burke Field.   Got loose with some SSH, tappy taps, pelican squats, and some half Nolan Ryans. 


Pretty simple.   Run up the stairs of the grandstand at one corner.  Once at top did arm and core exercises.  Then ran the length of the field to the opposite corner, top of grandstand, and did more. 

Then ran down the stairs, across the field, back up the stairs – merkins, core.   Back down the length of the field – merkins/core.  And back down to the field. 

The Thang:

With only 10 we did our work together.  Mountain Climbers!

All on the goal line.

Ran out to the 10 yd line and back.  10 burpees. 

Ran out the 10 again and back and then to the 20 and back.  20 LBC I.C.

Repeated up backs to 10, 20, and now the 30.   30 carolina dry docks back at the goal line.

10 – 20 – 30 – and now to the 40 yd line and back.   40 alternating shoulder taps. 

10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50.   50 air squats. 

Now that we are the top of the mountain we started heading back down.  We did everything mentioned up above, just in descending order.  I did tack on 5 extra burpees at the end, just because I thought we could handle it. 

6:02am – Omaha!

Did the 6 M.O.M at mid field.   Did some you-call-it’s.  Oomba provided a good Core exercise as did Bieber and FDIC gave us one also (the A,B,C’s).   We settled up with 3 rounds of American Style Hammers, rancid style. 

Prayer Requests – Oompa asked to pray for friend and their family.  I asked for prayers for my Grandma who is in the ICU.  

COT:  Allow your conversations to be present and dig deeper.  

I talked about going to see my Grandma on Tuesday of last week after my Q at Mess Hall.   Knowing that she isn’t doing very well, I thought going in that this may be one of the last meaningful conversations I have with her.   That said, I didn’t waste too much time with small talk.  We went right into deep topics.  Grandma are you scared?   Do you feel you did anything wrong leading up to Monday when they found this big tumor?   We talked about her life – her marriages, raising kids (including my Mom).  We talked about her epic dilemma of whether or not to plant two pine trees at her house when she got better.  Little does she know that even if she doesn’t, I’m probably going to plant those damn trees for her.   We talked about what she’ll do when she gets released, but she mentions that she may not.  Grandma is not sure what will happen.  Either do I.  

I sat there for 2 hours.  Cancelled a meeting or two.   It was some of the deepest and best conversation I’ve had with any person.  

Now I know it’s not realistic to have this depth of conversation with everyone, every time.  But sometimes?   Maybe next time you see an opportunity, dig deeper with someone you care about.  Imagine that it could be the last time you really get that opportunity. 

I don’t think you’ll regret it.   I know I didn’t. 

See you in the Gloom,


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