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Pax:(10) Stapler, Buns of Steel, Grease Fire, Othello, Frosty, Tin Cup, Invictus, Gunner, Wenthworth, Polaroid

Polaroid welcomed the PAX to the Woodshed, and shared his appreciation for the chance to lead today.  Core Principles and mission statement was shared.  On this Good Friday we were going to call back to a beatdown a few years back inspired from our brother Khakis.  We numbered off into three groups and mosey’d to the base of the stairs by the UNO soccer field.

Thang: No warm-a-rama as we needed all the time available. Three stations were set up.

Station One: Push group, run to top of stairs and return to push station three.

Station Two: Little Jesus Crunches were completed AMRAP until pushed by group three. Jesus had the best abs

Station Three: Exercises below were completed AMRAP round after round advancing through the stations.

1. Jesus is condemned to death:

Prisoner Squats (Hands Behind Head)

2. Jesus Carries the Cross:

Cherry Pickers

3. Jesus Falls for the 1st time:

Hydraulic Squats

4. Jesus meets His Mother Mary:

Big Boy Sit-Ups

5. Simon Helps Jesus Carey the Cross:

Partner Wheelbarrow Squat (20x) – Derkins

6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus:

Imperial Walkers

7. Jesus falls for a 2nd time:

Hydraulic Squats

8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem:

Moroccan Night Clubs

9. Jesus falls a 3rd time:

Hydraulic Squats

10. Jesus is stripped of His clothes:

Flutter Kicks

11. Jesus is nailed to the cross:

Hand Release Merkins

12. Jesus dies on the cross:

Heels to Heaven

13. Jesus is taken down from the Cross:

Alt. Lunges

14. Jesus is laid in the Tomb:


The first 10 rounds were completed within respective groups before coming together to complete the remaining four stations as a group. Omaha called at approximately 6:09

COT: This is what you are worth. You are worth a bitter agony in prayer, a scourging beyond all human limitations of physical pain, you are worth embarrassment, mockery, contempt, a crown of thorns, complete humiliation, the weight of a cross, and the searing pain of crucifixion. You are worth My only Son dying the death of a criminal, alone, abandoned by all who loved Him.

Polaroid closed in prayer.

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