THE COOP 4/28/2022

Conditions: A wonderful 60 degrees, minimal breeze

PAX: Vanilla Ice, Brazilian, Tug Boat, Pig Pen, Hot Dog, Lansbury, Tin Cup.


Opening: Welcome To F3! Fitness Fellowship, Faith….Ran Through Mission Statement and Core Values and went on a mosey to church parking lot. Also, if anyone says “The Coop” during the workout you have to make a chicken sound or you do 3 ‘Merkins


Warm-A-Rama (Part 1).  Jog Approximately 25 Yards and Bernie Back—we did this for about 4 minutes. We circled up and did warm-a-rama exercises that included Side Strade Hop, Tappy Taps, Big Ones, Imperial Walkers. We then did 10 Reps of Failure to launch and did a set of Caterpillars with the group (Line up in a line next to one another and then one Pax Member leaps over the next in a hopping position and this continues until we reverse).  We then mosied to the Basketball Court behind the school.


Pre-Thang.  Two Man Grinder.  Pair up—partner one starts at base of hill…does 5 ‘Merkins runs to top of hill and down to base for 5 more ‘Merkins.  Meanwhile your partner is wall squatting while doing concentric circles with his arms…Back/Forth approximately 10 minutes. Mosey to Soccer Field.


The Thang.  We are at the coop.  These exercises will be all on the ground like we are chickens.  (INSERT CHICKEN SOUND).  Cones are marked approximately every 10 yards for 40 Yards.  All movement is ground based as we approach each cone.  We stop at each cone for 10 reps of an exercise.  Out/Back/Out/Back of the following:

  1. Army Crawl and ‘Merkins
  2. Crab Walk and Big Boy Sit Ups
  3. Bear Crawl and Caroline Dry Docks
  4. Crawl Bear and Chill Cut Plank



MARY:  LBC’s (20) ….Hello Dolly’s (15)…American Hammers (25 Reps)

COT: Remember we as PAX are all dynamic individuals—What you see at 5:30 AM is just a piece of what you know about this person. Get to know your neighbor-what you think you know may be completely different than what you expected.

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