What a month of APEX tests it was! Great turnouts, not much change on the leaderboards, but 6 patch earners and 3 first time APEXer’s! T-claps to Merit Badge, Crabcakes, and Mr. Miyagi for doing the APEX for the first time. T-claps to Double Dip, Speed Square, Blades of Glory, Betamax, Ditty, and Wentworth for earning APEX patches for completing the test 4 times.

APEX at Stinson Park aka Brick Yard aka Cornhusker Handicap aka Heavy Metal: Saturday, April 16th, 2022

PAX (7): Betamax, Ditty, Yogi, Hard Hat, Ooompa, Merit Badge, Double Dip

Q: Double Dip

We went out of sequence for the events because the Omahalf was getting setup in the park for a 7am packet pick-up and 8am half marathon.

COT: Today is the most important day of your life. You are responsible for four things: 1. Your choice. 2. The reasons you made that choice. 3. The quality of your action. 4. The impact of your action. The temptation to get defensive revolves around one or more of these. Embrace full responsibility for your choices, reasons, actions, and impact, and defensiveness will no longer be an issue. Answer the call. Do the work.

APEX at Aspen Creek Elementary: Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

PAX (11): Crabcakes, Barn Door, Blades of Glory, Obi-wan, Ditty, Hard Hat, Hoser, Mr. Miyagi, Betamax, Wentworth, Speed Square

Q: Speed Square

Weather: A windy 35 degrees, with a feels like 28 degrees. The wind was hollowing, so we used the school to block the wind for our stationary exercises. It helped until the run……. J

Daily reflection: He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!  – Reuben Granger Boys town – Father Flanagan

I wasn’t sure if we should warm up or not, so we warmed up and rolled with it. (In hine sight, we shouldn’t have warmed up after 5:15am, as we need all the time in the world. Next time, come warmed up, so we can hit it hard and get out on time. Great learning experience.)

The Apex Thang

We got the party started with some Mortal Combat to revive the PAX up as we tested our might!

1 – Burpees – Great way to wake you up and get the blood moving. We knew it was one after we got going.

2 – T-Merkins – Test you might!!!!

3 – Triple Broad Jump – We had some kangoroo’s in the bunch that stretched their abilities.

4 – Sprint-Hop-Shuffle-Carry-Sprint – Don’t forget that sneaky shuffle in there. You need all the pieces to complete the pyramid of pain.

5 – Leg Tucks – The wind was hollowing as we rounded the corner to the playground. Tough to get excited, though a lot of PAX did well.

6 – 2-Mile Run – No matter how you sliced and rotated it, the wind was going to be a bummer. The PAX gave it a great push and picked up our 6 as we all finished the race in the wind and rain. Luckily the rain held off until the very end.


  • Count-o-rama – 11
  • name-o-rama – No FNG’s
  • announcements – check slack, Convergence, and many volunteer opportunities to help out.
  • shout-outs/words of wisdom/prayers.


(We ran 10 minutes over, same amount of time of the warmaramma, so I needed to squeeze my CoT).

Help serve others to the best of your ability. If you see someone that needs a hand, help them out in whatever capacity you can. Carry people when they need it. Be Great!


The weather was a challenge as the wind was mean, luckily the cold rain held off until the very end. There was great comradery with the PAX as we all worked hard to improve our person benchmarks and stretch for our PR’s. Hats off to all for showing up and testing your might!

Great location for a future site. Very convenient to get to and close for the Gretna PAX.

Coffeteria: Hyvee fast and fresh gas station at 192nd and hwy 370.

The Tweet:

@F3TheAPEX @F3Omaha way to push it men! Awesome to see each HIM pushing, cheering, and carrying each other across the finish line! Happy to be apart of your personal growth! I hope the location was encouraging! I see F3 growing more West! Thanks for letting me lead @JSteele308

I look forward to the next Q opportunity!


Speed square

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