21 April 2022 / The Maize / Copperfields Park / The Foggiest Day in the History of F3 Omaha

On April 21, 2021, I got out of my car at Aldrich Elementary School and had no idea I was an FNG. One year later, I arrived at Copperfields Park and was reminded by the PAX wearing orange and blue that my name was, is, and forever shall be:


There are a few PAX members in F3 Omaha that were branded with the name of our rivals. When I first met Cyclone, I told him about my name and he simply looked down at the ground and said, “Well, it doesn’t get any better.” Respect. We now have a support group that meets weekly. Turns out that Mufasa had organized the orange and blue crew for my anniversary. T(ebow) Claps!

Example of “Tebowing” (File Photo)

At 5:30AM, it was my privilege to welcome the following 31 PAX to the Maize:

Barn Door, Lugey, Thor, Ralphie, De Cleet, Mufasa, Ketchup, Fine Print, Hard Hat, Big Unit, Griswold, Slow Clap (respect), Vlasic (respect), Sasquash, Obi Wan, Tonight Show, Unicycle, Rowdy, Lincoln Log (respect x2), Bambi, Stapler, T-Ball, Blades of Glory, Muffs, Black Flag, Romeo, Mr. Miyagi, Ozark (respect), Vandelay (respect), Bob Ross, and Gump.

After hitting all of the usual F3 introductory points, I let the PAX know that today’s Q would make no sense if you have not seen the movie, “Back to the Future

Over the past year, I have incorporated Burpee Trivia into the workouts when Q’ing. Burpees for incorrect answers. Bobby Hurley’s for correct ones. And always 7 reps (because 7 is the key number!) First question!

Who was originally cast to play Marty McFly before the role was given to Michael J. Fox?

We had a number of great guesses, but we couldn’t think of the correct name: Eric Stoltz. The PAX’s lack of knowledge of this actor shows what a career killer this was for him.

Burpees x 7

Mosey to the basketball court for WoR:


SSH x 20 IC

Tappy Taps x 20 IC

Cherry Pickers x 20 IC

Big Ones x 20 IC

Plank / Merkins x 10 / Walk hands back to feet and roll up / Come back down / 10 Merkins / Up Dog / Down Dog / Pigeon

Second trivia question! Who was originally cast to play Doc Brown before the role was given to Christopher Lloyd? We would need a time machine to go back in time and get these answers right, becasue we could not come up with John Lithgow

Burpees x7

Carefully mosey to the foggy, soggy, wet, cold, dark, muddy, wore-the-wrong-kind of gloves, are-you-really-going-to-make-us-crawl-all-over-this field.

Great Scott / 1.21 Gigawatts PreThang

Lined up on the west side of the field, the PAX bear crawled to the other side line. Anytime someone yelled GREAT SCOTT we did 10 Merkins. We did about 40 or 50 Merkins. Also, Hard Hat can bear crawl at least 88 MPH. Then we did crawl bear back the other way. We didn’t do many merkins this time. It sucked. Great job, PAX!

Next, we crab walked to mid-field from the west side line and anytime someone yelled 1.21 GIGAWATTS we did 10 big boys. Ozark looked over at me like Libyan Terrorists had just spotted him in a mall parking lot with stolen plutonium. Turns out, he just had a cramp. It was time for this prethang to be erased from existence

Next Question! What is the device that makes time travel possible?

A overwhelming response from the PAX with the correct answer:

The Flux Capacitor

Bobby Hurleys x 7

Which brings us to the THANG: The Flux Capacitor

Groups of 3. Team Biff. Team McFly. Team Doc. Arranged in a Y shape. One PAX from each group murder bunnies to the center and then returns to his team. Next PAX member goes. Each time PAX shifts, move from one AMRAP exercise to the other:

Bonnie Blairs

Air squats

Carolina drydocks

Kraken burpees


Oh yeahs

Tappy Taps

Heels to Heaven


Frozen freddies

U-pick Burpees or Merkins


U-Pick Burpees or Merkins


Everlasting Gobstopper (Plank)

When we reached the end, Ketchup asked, “Rinse and repeat?” I told him, “No. Go back to the future.”

We made it about halfway through round two and the Q felt like he had been hit by a truck full of manure. It was time to call OMAHA!

Next Question: What household appliance was originally planned to be the time machine before it was changed to a DeLorean?

Slow Clap was fast on the buzzer and correctly answered: a refrigerator.

Bobby Hurleys x 7



Beast Mode x 30 seconds / Alternating Should Taps 20IC / Plank x 30 seconds / Gator Spears 20IC / Chilcut x 30 seconds / Gator Tails 20IC

Last question: Name the song Marty played at the Fish Under the Sea Dance?

Again, PAX all over it: Johnny B. Goode

Bobby Hurleys x 7

Countarama – Wow. Stapler wins the award for longest drive today: Carter Lake to Elkhorn.

Name-A-Rama. Oh, the orange and blue crew were all over this with the Tebowing and or CHOMPING!


Brick Builder May 21 – sign up! Details on Slack.


In thinking about the last year and how much F3 has been a positive force for change in my life, I began to ask a question: What would have happened if I never posted on April 21, 2021? What would the last year have looked like? How many things had to happen to make that day the day that changed the trajectory of my life?

This got me thinking about Back to the Future. In the movie, Marty McFly goes back in time to find out his father is a SadClown. Marty has to make all the events come together just right so that his Dad and Mom can fall in love. But in doing so, he also saves his Dad from SadClown Syndrome. Apparently, the idea for the movie started with the writer looking at his Dad’s yearbook photo and wondering if he and his Dad would have been friends if they were in High School at the same time. Marty tries to help his father be a better (future) husband, father, son, etc. And in the process make himself a better person.

Perhaps there is some alternate timeline where I never found F3 and Biff Tannen is my Step-Father. Fortunately, Toad Stool and I had a trial together and he EH’d me. There was a 98% chance this would not happen since 98% of all my cases do not go to trial.

I am profoundly grateful to F3 Omaha and all the PAX (past, present, and future). Thank you to each and every PAX that came out west for a foggy trip down memory lane. And if you wore orange and blue, well, there’s only one thing I can say:


With Gratitude,


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