4/27/2022, 5:15am | The Danger Zone | Papillion, NE | 45 degrees, Winds 10-12 MPH and clear skies

“Selfless Service and Sacrifice”

# of PAX:  20

QIC:  Borat

0440 Pre-Run

PAX: Anima lHouse, Jean Claude, Fun Dip, Double Dip, Schrute, Ferdinand, Macco, Borat, Chernobyl, Duracell

0530 Beatdown

PAX: Baby Shark, Rooney, Mortar, Schrute, Ferdinand, Feeney, Levy, Goose, Bayside, Low Flow, Animal House, Zoro, Double Dip, Chernobyl, Duracell, Echo, FunDip, Knobs, Macco and Borat

Borat welcomed the Pax promptly at 0515 to F3 – reminding them F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

Next, the 5 core principles were covered: Free of charge, Open to all men, Held outdoors, Peer led and Ends with a COT.

Borat then recited the credo: We leave no man behind but leave no many where we found them.

A disclaimer was provided: He is not a professional. The exercises today are merely suggestions so modify as necessary. Know your limits and do the best you can.

Pax were instructed to count off in 1’s and 2’s to split into two groups.

Borat provided an overview of today’s beatdown and instructed the Pax to mosey just past the tennis courts.

No FNG’s were present.

Warm-A-Rama: Skipped to maximize beatdown

The Thang: Pax split into two groups to complete a modified MURPH. Three stations were set up on the running trail east of the Danger Zone AO. At the first cone the PAX were instructed to complete 20 merkins and then mosey to the 2nd cone. At the 2nd cone, the PAX completed 15 air squats. Once complete, PAX then moseyed to the 3rd cone at the shelter for 10 dips. These exercises were then rinsed and repeated 5 times always stopping in the middle to complete 15 air squats. Approximately 100 merkins, 150 air squats, 50 dips and 3.65 miles were complete.

Mary: Borat lead the PAX in 30 flutter kicks IC followed by 20 Sarpy slammers IC.

Name-A-Rama completed

Announcements: Blood driver, shovel flag pass at The Farm on Friday (cut off encouraged), Brick Builder May 21, Paradise changing locations, Skidz 1×24 Friday/Saturday

Prayer Requests: Henderson family, Knobs’ mom’s recovery, AnimalHouse’s mom’s recovery, Echo’s friend’s father, today is Admin Day

COT: Borat shared the story of Lt. Michael Murphy and his courageous efforts during Operation Red Wing. He linked the selfless service, personal courage and sacrifice that Murphy displayed during this battle for his team to our personal lives. Borat shared that he is currently having to make sacrifices for the betterment of his family and that we should all look live a life of selfless service as Murphy did. JFP.

Prayer: Feeney took us out in Prayer.

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