The Combine: My 3 Year Anniversary is not yet

4/22/21. The Combine AO | Kiewit Middle School

17 PAX:  Ozark (Respect), Skipper, Superfly, Pantyhose, Duck Duck, LPC, Kill Switch, Frosty, Grease Fire (Whoosh), Toto, Vandelay (Respect), House Party, Cataracts, Big One, Wiley, Slow Pitch

Q: Slow Pitch

Weather:  Real nice, but it just got done raining

The Q went on a pre run with Vandaley and a few others, but the others were way out in front and Slow Pitch doesn’t like running under 9-minute miles, but he did to keep up with Vandelay. 

Shovel Flags, Mission Statement, not a Professional, Principles: Outside, Free, Rotating Fashion, Open to all Men, COT

The pax gathered at the flags and the Q started running in place as to not waste any time with burning calories.  He covered the Mission Statement, not a Professional, Principles: Outside, Free, Rotating Fashion, Open to all Men, then informed the Pax that if it goes in the cart, it’s a good as bought. Same goes for written workouts. He asked Frosty a question that could only be answered in a yes or no. He said yes and that answer determined we were sticking to the original plan, so we Moseyed to baseball field and circled up for Warmarama.


Big Boys:  50 on up

Merkins:  25

Starfish Crunches: 25 IC

Merkins:  25  

Big Boys:  50 on up

Mosey to Combine Fun Hill on East side of Parking lot:  

While the pax was given instructions, the Q also informed them that this was the Combine Fun Hill and that the Q loves Bernies and Pre Thangs. 

Pre Thang:

Bernie Sanders: (Run backwards up hill), then 10 burpees, with partner jog back to bottom and repeat 9 more times, reducing the burpees by 1 each time (so 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1). This was completed by some really in shape guys and the Q called Omaha before he got through the last round. Better luck next time.

The Thang: Pair up, do exercise, take a lap, do next exercise

Round 1 – 50 Squats on down 

Round 2 – 50 Monkey Humpers IC

Round 3 – 50 Squat Jumps on up

Round 4 – 50 Bobby Hurley’s on down

Round 5 – 50 Groiners on up

Mosey to Flags for Mary: 6:07

The Q tried something new: Rancid E2K’s. Pretty much not as smooth as it sounded.



I struggle with being judgmental everyday. I must make a conscious effort to not be an asshole. Not necessarily with you guys, but with those closest to me. I start every morning with prayer and some kind of daily reading to try to have a shot at not being a prick and to be openminded. The other day I read something that hit home and here’s what it said:

I should strive for a friendliness and helpfulness that will affect all who come near to me. I should try to see something to love in them. I should welcome them, bestow little courtesies and understandings on them, and help them if they ask for help. I must send no one away without a word of cheer, a feeling that I really care about them. God may have put the impulse in some despairing one’s mind to come to me. I must not fail God by repulsing that person. They may not want to communicate with me unless they are sure of a warm welcome.


I pray that I may warmly welcome all who come to me for help. I pray that I may make them feel that I really care.

So, as far as I am concerned, there isn’t anything else needed to be said, only the right actions need to be taken.

Prayer: Grease Fire

It’s been a humbling experience to lead such a wonderful group of men!

-Slow Pitch

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