Wild Kingdom

Friday April 19th 2022

Lake Zorinsky

30 degrees

PAX: Lincoln Logs, Bob Ross, T Ball, Vlasik, Rowdy, Muffs, Bambi, Al Boreland, Sweet Sweet, Big Unit, FNG (Vanilla), Cutting Edge, Mufasa, and YHC Cheap Seats

Pre Run – T Ball, Bambi and Bob Ross did a 3.2 mile pre-run.

Cheap Seats welcomed 13 HIM to WK.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo. 

The PAX then moseyed to the far parking lot near the entrance for warm-a-rama


We completed a series of Kalenstinecs that consisted of high knees, butt kicks and Karaoke.  We then did a couple of stretches to warm up (Tappy Taps and Tator Taps)

During our warm-a-rama we experienced what seemed to be a cop car search for a missing person.  Two cop cars were circling Wild Kingdom while one black pickup truck seemed to be hiding near the last parking lot where we were completing warm-a-rama.  Once the cop cars left WK, the black truck followed them shortly after.  Very strange but interesting morning at the Kingdom.

Pre Thang – completed the elevator work out for the pre-thang.  This consisted of the below:

20 squats to 1 merkin

19 squats to 2 merkins

18 squats to 3 merkins

We completed this all the way to 1 squat and 20 merkins.  A total of 210 merkins and air squats!  Everybody contributed and led during this portion of the workout.

PreThang 2:   YHC then reminisced about a particular Q (Mufasa) that led a Rocky based beatdown where the Russians were chasing the PAX across the fields.  We reenacted that and sprinted the length of the soccer fields twice.  This left the PAX gassed.

We then moseyed near the bathroom area to complete a grinder based workout for the remaining time.


Split up into groups of 3 and did a grinder around the portion of WK where you run up the small hill near the lake.

Group 1 (merkins) – 15 diamond merkins, 15 merkins and 15 chuck Norris merkins

Group 2 (legs) – 10 burpees, 15 Bonnie Blairs, 20 squats and 25 johnny dramas

Group 3 (Core) – 15 big boys, 15 heals to heaven and 15 LBC’s


Headed back to the flags to complete 14 American Hammers rancid style

Announcements Prayer Request

Spoke about the Convergence at the Canyon on April 23rd from 5:30 –7am.  Coffee and refreshments on site.

Prayer for Skidz and celebrating 24 years cancer free.  There is a 24 hour run planned in the near future.  Hit up Rowdy or Skidz for more details

Unicycle’s mom had surgery with her cancer, keep them in your prayers

Big Unit’s Grandpa was having his 93rd birthday.

Trulia’s Grandma needs prayers as well.

COT was focused on one of our core principles (Led in a rotating fashion).  We are seeing an influx of new FNG’s (which is awesome).  Since we have several new faces within the past 3-4 months I went through and explained how sites are led (using Mufasa as an example).  Also explained all the shovel flag passes happening over the next couple of weeks.  I encouraged the PAX to carefully consider stepping up and Qing soon.  All the new site leaders need guys to lead and we all the new blood we have this spring, let’s step up and be the HIM we are called to be.  Led in a rotating fashion is crucial to F3’s success and gives the PAX a chance to show their leadership and personality.

AYE – CHEAP SEATS – took us out in prayer

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