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PAX:  Splinter, Tenderfoot, Vanilla Ice, Black Lung, Icy Hot, Paramount, Sister Act, Ranch, Red Wire, Two Step, Bloodshot, Edison, Tin Cup, Q Tip (Respect, Respect), Swinger, Smash Mouth, Safe Ride, Toad Stool, Dirty Bird, Supertasty, Stripes (Respect) Ice T, Retweet, Oompa, Huffy, FNG-Nodule, KOA, Beaker, and Saul  

Q: Saul-

Welcomed 28 PAX to the Colosseum. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed around the track and gathered at the 50 yard line

  • SSH-20 IC
  • String Rippers 10 IC
  • Sun Gods 10 IC
  • Big Ones 10 IC
  • ATMs-Set of 7 and 5

2 – Pre Thang

PAX gathered on the goal line. 7s-1 Burpee at goal line, run to 20 yard line, 6 squats. Followed by 2 burpees, run to 20 yard line, 5 squats, etc.

3- The Thang

PAX numbered off into 4 groups. Group one was the push group and started on the home side bleachers. Once group one finished defined exercise below, they pushed group 2 and so forth.

Group 1 (Bleachers)

20 Dips

20 Derkins or Incline Merkins

Group 2- Core-all AMRAP until pushed, then next exercise when you come back

-Flutter Kicks

-Elbow to Knee

-Low Dollies


Group 3

-Copper Head Squats

-Jump Tucks

-Squat Jumps

-Bobby Hurleys

Group 4

-Plank Jacks


-Mountain Climbers

-Carolina Dry Docks

Circle of Trust:

•           TAPS

            Knob’s mother


This blog post does a great job of putting time in perspective with the relationships in your life.

Some Highlights

1) Living in the same place as the people you love matters. I probably have 10X the time left with the people who live in my city as I do with the people who live somewhere else.

2) Priorities matter. Your remaining face time with any person depends largely on where that person falls on your list of life priorities. Make sure this list is set by you—not by unconscious inertia.

3) Quality time matters. If you’re in your last 10% of time with someone you love, keep that fact in the front of your mind when you’re with them and treat that time as what it actually is: precious.

My thoughts

The average US life expectancy is 77 years old. I am almost 40, lets make the math simple and say that the US life expectancy is 80 years. I have the gift of 40 more Christmases, birthdays, etc with my wife and kids. On the other hand, I am half way through these life events.

My parents are in their 70s. We, my immediate family, only have less than 10 Christmases with my parents/my kids grandparents.

Similar, the overwhelming majority of face to face time my wife and I have with our kids, is happening right now until age 18 when they leave the house.

If you thought about life in these terms, can you imagine this perspective would prioritize your behavior? Would you be more present in the time you spent with your loved ones? You probably would put the IPhone down more during family time. Maybe you don’t stay late at work and make it home for dinner.  You would make the extra effort to catch up with your parents over the weekend even though your kids had a bajillion activities. You might decide to get that workout in the early morning as opposed to after work so you have the whole evening with your family.

You get the point. Time is precious. How you decide to spend your time is critical. I know one shortcoming of mine is not being full present with my relationships because I am distracted in the moment by other things going on in life. One thing I did at the beginning  of this year is take up a daily mediation practice to assist me in being more present in the moment. I am far from perfect but this has helped tremendously. I leave you with this question: What can you do to insure you don’t waste the precious time you have left with your loved ones?   


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