Friday, April 22, 2022 – Earth Day! – The Woodshed AO – Elmwood Park – 60 degrees and wet

PAX (5): Griswold, Hoser, Bovine, Rancid, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Shortly before the prerun, Rancid was in the parking lot, minding his business, and saw some hippie looking dude hop out of his truck to put out a shovel flag. That hippie would be the Q today, and was all about Earth Day! The two of them took off on the prerun and eventually met a couple of groups of pre-runners from the Brickyard. They rolled back in by the flags shortly before 5:30, and the Q had a little bit of setup to complete. He dropped the tailgate, pulled out a few trash cans, and set a speaker and a spot light on the tailgate. The Q then welcomed the dudes to the Woodshed for a Happy Earth Day beatdown. The core principles, disclaimer, and credo were given. With that, we moseyed to the grotto. Along the way, if anyone saw some trash, they were to pick it up and bring it along. The Q quickly announced on the mosey that he was not responsible for any of the trash that was discovered.

As we rolled into the grotto, you could hear the trickle of the stream, and the birds were chirping, even with the light rain we were encountering. At the grotto, we found spots on the wall and got into a low dip position and just held it in silence for a little while. The grotto is such a peaceful place. After a bit, we cranked out some dips. We then switched to some step ups and knocked out 20 of them, alternating legs each count. We moseyed back to the “recycling center”. Along the way we again kept our eyes peeled for any trash.

At the “recycling center” the Thang was explained. We would circle up and do an exercise AMRAP while one guy takes the spot light and looks for a piece of trash. Once he finds something, he runs back and places it in the correct bin (trash, plastic & metal, glass & aluminum). We rotate around, and performing different exercises each time a guy switches. We also jammed out to a variety of tunes that give you all the feelings of peace, love, and caring for the earth. The list of exercises performed was so extensive that there is no need to bore you with it. A few highlights of this Thang: Griswold discovered what was determined to be a small wizard’s cape; Hoser found the body bag of a small child that ended up containing pillow cases; and birds like to sit on the ground all balled up looking like a piece of trash while it rains. The last exercise performed was a tree hug, while Rancid looked for a piece of trash. He ended up finding the jackpot of garbage for us to clean up, and quickly called for all hands on deck to assist with getting every piece of smashed Easter egg and cigarette butt on the ground near the picnic tables. We were successful in our efforts of cleaning up the park while getting in a good burn (my watch claims I burned 468 calories during this workout!).

We closed out in typical F3Omaha fashion with announcements, prayer requests, and the COT. My message today is obviously about Earth Day. I’ve always considered myself a hippie at heart with regard to sustainability and caring for the earth. I don’t necessarily show it (I do drive a pickup), but it is something that I care a lot about. I do my best to recycle and minimize waste at home. I was reminded during this workout though how we can get so caught up in things that we might miss something important. While looking for a piece of trash, I was so focused on the beam on light on the ground and seeing the around around my feet, that I quickly discovered a tree branch at head height which surprisingly left the wig on my head. It reminded me of how I get really focused at work of the task at hand and when I step back and look at how we do things, it makes me sick to see how much waste we produce. This has been bothering me for the last couple of months, and I’m working towards finding solutions to help reduce the amount of waste we do produce at work. I was also recently reminded of the three R’s and their purpose. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are intentionally listed in that order. The best thing we can do is reduce the amount of waste we produce. If we can’t reduce it, then the next best thing is to find ways to reuse it. If reducing and reusing are not options, then our last resort is to recycle it. I challenge you all to find one thing that you can implement in your life to help make an impact on improving the quality of our earth. Also, a quick, not-fun fact, one-third of all food made for human consumption is wasted. This is a disgusting statistic, and we can all do better. Following the message, I led us out in prayer.

Peace and love, and take care of the damn environment! Happy Earth Day!

Hard Hat

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