Westside High AO | 40 degrees and fog

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Samples (RESPECT), Beaker, Black Lung, Super Tasty, Tenderfoot, Paramount, Q-Tip (RESPECTx2), Grillz, Tin Cup, Biff, Stella, DaVinci (RESPECTx2), Splinter.

YHC stated the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer before a mosey around the track for warmarama.


SSH x20

Chinooks x20

Sungods x 20

High knees x 20

Windmills x15

Mountain Climbers x 20

Pre-thang: Stairs and 10 dips

We stayed together running stadium stairs: Up, down, and 20 dips at the bottom. Rinse and repeat x3. At the top of the 4th climb we did 12 chicken peckers in honor to the coop’s shovel flag pass.

Thang: 3 stations around the track.

Each 4 man team will complete 150 reps of each exercise before moving to the next. One man running will “push” the next

Station with a Burpee-high-five.

Station 1:

Hand release merkins

Gas pumpers

Overhead clap

Monkey humpers IC

Bobby Hurleys

**200m run to station 2

Station 2

Ranger Merkins

Bonnie Blair’s IC

Starfish Crunches

Copperhead Squats IC

Moroccan Night Clubs IC

***100m run to station 3

Station 3


Seal claps

Carolina Dry Docks

Alternating lunges IC

Heels to heaven

****100m run to station 1

Through the thick fog, plenty of high fives were dished out. Omaha was called and a short Rancid style American Hammers ended high five day.

Announcements and prayers were mentioned-thank you for sharing.


“I was right”. “Yeah but you weren’t DOING right”.

I heard this exchange on the Glue-oom podcast with Dred and Dark helmet. The context involved a disagreement about COVID.

It reminded me of another time on Twitter last week when a sports reporter insensitively reported the death of Dwayne Haskins.

…it was all truth – he was right. But he wasn’t doing right.

I have a family friend (educated Professional) who BELIEVES that if she instills a drop diluted drop of vinegar in her eyes every day it will keep cataracts from growing. I could argue, and I would be right. But arguing wouldn’t be DOING right.

The book we’re reading — Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters — has a major focus on living for others. Building up others and DOING right might happen when BEING wrong.

When faced with these choices today, choose Doing right for other rather than Being right over others.

Bloodshot closed out with prayer


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