April 14, 2022 | AO – The Berm | 29 

PAX: Toto, House Party, Chucky, Panty House, Al Borlin, Cataracts, Birdman, Cradle, Tube Socks

VQ: Doggy Paddle 

At promptly 0515, YHC welcomed the 10-person crew with the famous Wooderson quote, “Alright, alright, alright”.

I mentioned the 5 core principals, gave our mission statement, and reminded the PAX that I am not a professional, and stated our credo

Then we moseyed to a slightly wind protected area for warm-a-rama


• Big boyz x 6 (10 second cadence)

• Sungods x 40 (20 each direction) … heard a few grumbles here

• Single-leg RDL’s x 20 (10 ea leg)

• Reverse Lunges x 20 (10 ea leg)

• Explained The Thang while in plank… got long-winded and more grumbles ensued

• Moseyed backed to the flags, picked up our coupons and headed to the soccer field 

The Thang

YHC tried to retrofit a Tabata-style workout to the F3 theater. The Tabata-style work out is:

• 20 seconds of an exercise 

• succeeded by 10 seconds of rest 

• Repeated 8x’s 

• 1 minute rest

• Rinse & repeat

Fearing blowing a whistle 4x’s per minute for ~45 minutes would cause a mutiny; I synthesized this concept into a different format.

I setup 8 lighted markers 10 yards apart. At each marker we performed ~20 second worth of work. Then “rested” as we walked to the next marker, etc. until we completed 8 sets (all of the same exercise). 

At the last marker we took a recovery mosey (~1minute run). Then repeated the process with a different exercise. Our movement were:

• Round 1: 5 burpees

• Round 2: 10 bent over rows w/ coupon

• Round 3: 8 merkins

• Round 4: 10 upright rows w/ coupon

• Round 5: 5 military press w/ coupon 

The exercises switched between push movements and pull movements to provide and additional active recovery element.


Performed my signature finishing move 50 Doggy Paddles.


The intention of the workout was to keep everyone together while still inflicting maximum pain. 

Keeping everyone together was an allegory to the COT, which was as follows: I personally struggle with competing or trying to obtain respect through winning and achievement versus focusing on loveand relationships. This most recently cropped up in my life on a hiking trip commemorating a friend who passed away in a plane crash. Rather than keep pace with my buddies and catch up on life I showed off my Oscar Mike rucking skills and trekked ahead at speed. 

Showing that I could walk fast was more important than connecting with close friends. How trivial.

I personally need to be continually intentional about how I lead navigate life, remembering that leading doesn’t mean rushing out ahead it means bringing people along in a shared journey. I need to remember to pursue love and not only pursue respect.

YHC took us out in prayer.

TNT continued the conversation on this topic at Scooters at 156th and Maple.

In style,

Doggy Paddle

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