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Pre-Run (3): Toto, Pantyhose, Cataracts

PAX (10): Tube Socks, Pantyhose, House Party, Nailed it, Al Borland, Toto, Birdman, Hey-Hey, Greenhouse.

QIC: House Party

YHC covered the mission statement, core principles, disclaimer, and FNG questioning.  Greenhouse had not posted at the Bherm in a while but found his way back.  


The PAX moseyed from the shovel flags to the parking lot on the East of the park.

10/10 – Sun Gods (IC forwards and backwards)  

10/10/10 – Calf Raises (IC normal, toes out, toes in)

10 second Plank, 20 second downward dog, 10 second plank, 10 second right hand raised, 10 second plank, 10 second left hand raised, 10 second plank (IC)


As a group we moseyed to the roundabout in the park to perform a progressive burpee exercise.

3 burpees (IC), bernie up the hill, run down.  (x2)

5 burpees (IC), bear crawl up the hill, crawl bear down.  (x2)

7 burpees (IC), mario jump up the hill, lunge down.  (x2)  


We divided into groups of two starting The Thang at the bottom of the hill. YHC pulled this Dora style 402 beatdown from a recent visit to an Atlanta F3 backblast.

One partner stays to conduct the exercises while the other partner runs up the hill to the soccer goal then back.  The exercise count is shared between the partners.  Two sets of exercise were listed, if the partners finished both, the exercise were repeated.  

Exercise Set 1:

40 – Plank Jacks

80 – Dry Docks

120 – Air Squats

Exercise Set 2:

40 – LBCs

80 – Shoulder Taps

120 – SSHs


2 rounds of 20, Heel Touches then American Hammers, rancid style to conclude the workout. 


Convergence, April 23rd.

Brick Builder, May 21st.

Prayer requests 

Nailed It prayed for a friend, Tony, who lost his M (Debbie).  


YHC spoke about a singular word that is a personal goal since starting F3 7 months ago.  The single word for his COT is PERSPECTIVE.  The YHC has been thinking a lot about his personal goal to see situations & interactions from a different perspective.  His goal is to think through perspective before reacting.  The YHC is using this technique to help him from jumping to conclusions or overreacting.  Thinking about perspective helps him to step back and see different solutions or reasonings to a specific scenario. 

Pantyhose took us out in prayer


House Party

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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