The Brickyard 4/22/2022 57 Degrees…Cloudy..Breezy..Moist

Special Note: Shovel Flag pass from Huffy to Vanilla Ice

Intro:  Huffy/Vanilla Ice.  Welcome to F3—Fitness, Fellowship, Faith.  Mission Statement and 5  Core Principle’s.

PAX:  Blackjack, Stella, Saferide, Chiclets, Bloodshot, Tater Tot, Spacebar, Khakis, Duracell, Animal House, Smashmouth, Farva, Ruxpin, Honey Stinger, Polaroid, Toadstool, Betamax, Escobar, Yogi, Tonight Show, ICE-T, Ketchup, Retweet, Cosmo, Double Dip, Lansbury, Wait Time, Diddy, Chernobyl, Vanilla Ice, Huffy

Huffy Warm-A-Rama…..the PAX tool a mosey north of the HDR building to an Astro turf area for warma-rama.  20 Reps of Exercises Included:  Side Straddle Hop, Big Ones, Imperial Walkers, Tappy Taps and a jog back to the shovel flags.

Pre-Thang Vanilla Ice:  Each PAX grabs his coupon and a partner.  You stand across from your partner roughly 50 yards and walk towards your partner. Every 3 Steps you take you perform one Overhead Thruster until you reach the middle of field in front of your partner.  When you meet your partner in the middle you are encouraged to sing out “Why don’t just meet me in the middle?” Together as a group we performed 10 Squats in the middle. You then continue on to other side performing Coupon Curls.  We rinsed/repeated this for about 8 minutes. We then formed a big circle and performed 45’s….(3 Different Curl positions of 15 Reps Each). 

The THANG:  Parter Up—Bring One Coupon to level 2 of the garage.  Garage Workout—AMRoundsAP…

Partner Runs up a level, then back down the stairs to swap positions.  Partner does AMRAP of the following exercises:

  1. 15 Apollo Ohno’s 3 Blockees R&R
  2. 10 Merkins/3 Blockees
  3. 15 Mt. Climbers/3 Blockees
  4. 10 Derkins/3 Blockees
  5. 15 Bobby Hurleys’/3 Blockees

Mary—Vanilla ICE:  15 Freddy Mercury’s, 15 Hello Dolly’s, 15 LBC’s w/ block, Finally Rancid Style Hammers—20 of which are done w/ block.

COT:  Huffy is resistant to change, but understands change is good and helps us all grow.  He is thankful for his time as Brickyard site queue and will have eternal memories. He will still make coupons for PAX members for a bottle of the good stuff 😊

Flag Handed to Vanilla ICE who is thankful for the opportunity to lead and thankful for Huffy’s tremendous leadership over the past year. He remembers a tough workout that Huffy lead and encouraged PAX to lead and get out of their comfort zone. Flag Passed…Photos ensue…..

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