Q: Swinger

PAX: Betamax, Toadstool, Lansbury, Pig Pen, Saferide, Saul, Vanilla Ice, Spacebar, Flanders, Rollbar, Swinger (Q)

5:10-5:23 Wim Hof breathing exercise: Saul, Lansbury, Swinger

5:30 Call to order. Short mosey to the basketball court.


Chinooks, String Rippers, Big Ones (Swinger modified), Wolf Moon, Hillbillies, SSH


10 merkins, bernie sanders up hill, 10 more merkins, jog down, R&R x5


Mosey to the Arboretum. Base of the hill, with 3 cones spaced up the hill. PAX divided into 2 groups. Group 1 stayed at hte bottom of the hill. Group 2 went to the top. Partners paired up in each group. Top of the hill, 20 merkins performed, jog to bottom. Stopping at 2nd cone (halfway mark) for 10 partner burpees. Once completed job to base of hill cone, 25 LBC not IC. Group one traversed up hill in the same fashion. The Burpee station clocked down 10-9-8 each time passing through. Merkins and LBC stayed same. Pink Floyd (Time) Chambers Brothers (Time as come today) featured for 12 minutes. Omaha called and mosey to the basketball court while passing coupon back to each other in line.

Thang 2:

Beep test: 20 m apart, if you didn’t make it to the line before the beep twice – you’re gone! Omaha called again after much furious running.


15 gas pumpers IC

60 second chill cut plank

15 gas pumpers IC

60 second chill cut plank

All to the tune of Rolling Stones (Time is on my side)


COT: Time is a tough SOB it does not bend, it is rigid and stubborn. Awareness, acknowledge, Accept, Act… Casting a wide social net will
pull you in many directions. Putting yourself out there to either feed the world or eat the world a.k.a. trying to do “it all” has its debt to
pay and the currency is TIME.
Time is finite and when focused in one place it is taken away from another source. What was sacrificed was not friends, work, nor FUN
but family. After years of juggling and running hard outside the family and then the family started running hard there was at some point a
breaking point. I did not see it, feel it, acknowledge it, – the balance was off. Realizing something was up and acting on it was something
we need to do. Take inventory be curious ask around- don’t allow yourself to think you know it all. Ignoring it makes it worse. 3 thank
you(s). F3 shield lock, my mental health and meditation coach, and Tom Chapman marital book “5 love languages”

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