VQ: Hot Dog

PAX: Cosmo, Safe Ride, ToadStool, Smashmouth, Umpa, Pigpen, Skidz, Sweet Roll, Yogi, Stella, Folsom, Lansbury, Hot Dog

5:30 Call to order. Short mosey to the church parking lot


Touchy Taps (Tappy Taps but renamed…for some reason), Big Boys, Lunges, Karaokes


We mosyed back to the basketball court to begin 5:30’s. We split into two groups. This is 30 reps of 5 exercises. Once the entire group finished all 5 sets, we would take a lap around the arboretum. The exercises were: Merkins, Air Squats, Mountain Climbers, LBC’s, Raise the Roofs. We did this for several laps.

Post Thang:

Hot Dog led us in some super chill yoga. Folsom got a little too relaxed and blamed the previous evenings wine. None of us were aware that Taco Bell served wine.


Plank, Frozen Freddies, Heels to Heaven


COT: Hot Dog acknowledged the horrible week it has been with the shooting in Texas. He works with kids and this hit home. He encouraged all of us to take stock of what we have and appreciate it, hold it close, and be grateful.

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