PAX:  Rotella, Cozmo, Stella, Griswold, Folsom

Q: Truly

Weather:  45 F; light winds

There was a pre-run.  Cozmo and Stella did it.  I was setting some cones and missed the 5am bus, so I stayed back.  But gave me a little time to do a dry run through some of the beat down. 

4 HIM joined me at 5:30am and I began the F3 core values, mission statement, etc.  But then it happened… About 5:32am, headlights in the parking lot.   We all waited with baited breath.  It was………………………………… Folsom!   The 6th core principle, we always wait for Folsom at The Mess Hall.  And we did.    Worth it.  Large in part because my workout really required even numbers!     

I warned everyone I was feeling a little angry.  And was probably going to find therapy through a hard workout.  Apologized in advance. 

Let’s mosey!  

Went down to the far North end of the Swanson playground near the street, bottom of the hill.  Did a little warmorama.  A few tappy taps, each calf, and then pigeon.   And that was it.  Let’s go. 

Pre-Thang – Soccer Field:  4 Corners

  • Each corner included 8 burpees, 5 merkins, and 8 mountain climbers.   After we completed, we ran the width or length of the field to the next corner. 

Middle Thang – Bern UP, hand stand wall walk DOWN. 

  • You guessed it.  We found the steep hill up against the school and we bern’d up.  And then went balls to the wall and hand stepped back down the hill.  With the grade it presented a challenge.
  • Rinse and repeat. 

The Thang:

Paired up.  And stared down 5 cones all about 20 yds apart. 

The first leg was wheel barrow.  Then switch at the 2nd cone. 

When we got to the 3rd cone, we all did 30 merkins together. 

Back up and did a buddy carry to the 4th cone.  Switched and made it the 5th cone. 

At Cone #5 as a group we did 20 heels to heaven and 20 flutter kicks – both I.C. 

Sprint it back to Cone #1…. Rinse and Repeat. 

We did this until cuss words and 6am.  They happened about the same time. 


Ran it back to the shovel flag for nameorama. 

Prayer Request for my grandma who is the Med. Center.  I actually left directly from Mess Hall and went the Buffet Cancer Center to spend a couple hours.  Never know when your last conversations might be so I really soaked it up.  Felt nice to be present in that moment.   

COT: Man of your Word

I just expressed frustration with those in my life who can act and say 1 thing.  And then be another way completely in another setting.  For example, if I see you on the street and you appear one way, say you’ll do certain things, etc.  And later on if I see you on social media acting a completely different way – that leaves me confused.   As I try to build relationships and as we all do, it’s important to remember that who you are all the way through is important. 

It’s OK to be different or not agree or have certain views – that is life.  And it’s great that not everyone is the same – it really is!   The COT is really about being a good man, good person, even when no one is looking.   Don’t appear to be a good person, BE a good person.  I may not be perfect at this, but it’s something I’m going to focus on and be self-aware.   All in an attempt to be the best version of myself I can be. 

See you in the Gloom,


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