PAX:  Vlasic, Pantyhose, Sasquatch, Barn Door, Lincoln Logs, Electric Slide (FNG!), Hard Hat, Sweet-Sweet, Roll Bar, Crab Cakes, Convoy, Sister Act, De-Cleat, Mufasa, Water Boy, Band Camp, Ear Muffs, Limu, Cataracts, 

Q: Truly

Weather:  35 F; wind around 20-25 MPH 

Some pre-runners did some running.  I was one of them.  Convoy hit the track.  Sister Act did some stretching on a tweaky back.   Luckily Barn Door was there to lead Pantyhose, Cataract’s and myself… Otherwise we had no chance of knowing a good route.   Got back with about 5 mins to spare.  I set up a couple cones on the football field.  Got my playlist ready….  And noticed that my FNG Chris (now Electric Slide) had made it!   I talked all week about picking him up to make sure he’d actually come.  He assured me he would be there.   I was glad he showed up.   I think he’s going to do great.  Hopefully this statement ages well.  

Called 5:30am.

Gave F3 core values, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.   

Let’s mosey!   I love working out on turf.  Which is one of many reasons I was excited to Q MainStage.  So we stuck to the football field.  

Met in the corner of the endzone for some warmorama.  Due to the FNG, I stuck to some basic stuff.  But I did weave in a few Snuffy’s.  Tonight Show taught me how to Snuffy.  It’s basically a standing pickle pusher mixed in with a Shanook.  If you’re reading this and curious try it out.  It’s quite a motion.   

Pre-Thang – Weave Drills

  • Started at the goal line and ran from one side of the field to the other.  
  • Then up to the 10 yd line where we Bernie Sanders’d it back across the width of the field. 
  • Then to the 20 to job the width again… You get the picture.  
  • Stopped at the 50 yd line and circled around the “M” for some core.  Let the group catch up.  
  • And then hit it again.  50 to the 40 to the 30 … all the way to the opposite goal line from where we started.   
  • Once everyone was back together on the goal line I had everyone get in plank.  1 person on the goal line and the next 3 yds away.  All in a row the long way on the field.   
  • The PAX in Plank appear to be tackling dummies to run around!   So the HIM on the end runs though a pair of Plankers and then Bernie’s back through the next… Weaving in and out like a line backer or running back hitting the hole in football.   
  • This drill snaked all the way back down to the South endzone. 

The Thang: 

3 person grinder.  2 people did exercises at the goal line.  While the 3rd ran out to the 50 yd line and back.  

Then switched out with another person.  

Each exercise required 100 reps.  

Everyone group got through each exercise almost 1 time.  

The clock struck 6am and I called – OMAHA!    

Did the 6 M.O.M right there in the endzone of the field.  

I asked Sister Act for a core exercise and he hit us with the James Bond.  Place your hands like you’re holding a gun.  Hold it out.  Then to the left.  To the right. Then up.  Then repeat.   It’s a good one!  

American Style Hammers rounded us out.   

Prayer Requests – For a family friend of Truly and Sister Act – who is undergoing a surgery to determine a severity of Cancer.  For the Huyck family who lost a sister.  And for Tim who is battling alcohol addiction.  

COT: Perfection.  But with Grace. 

I started by explaining that I joined the 75 hard crew back in February.   I had thought about it for a while, but the day I got back from a family VACA was the day it started.  So I jumped in with a lot of energy, but maybe not thinking through the commitment it was going to take to do it right.  All 75 days… to do it perfect, no cheating.   Long story short… I couldn’t do it.  I had a trip to California planned that took me out of 75 hard routines.  I had a beer one time.  And a few days where I couldn’t fit two 45 minute workouts in.   I failed.  I wasn’t perfect.  And a lot of guys are.  So that’s disappointing.  And I was actually pretty hard on myself.  Still am.  

But I was at Church one Sunday, and a young high schooler was speaking.  She talked about giving up Tik-Tok for lent.  And that she was going to give it up permanently.  I do realize that a 16 year old giving up Tik Tok is probably the equivalent of me giving up sweets and bad food and alcohol.  Both giving up things we enjoy!   She said Tik-Tok was where people tried to bring her down because she has 2 Moms.  To tell her that she wasn’t going to Heaven, and other bad things.  She too, was feeling not perfect and disappointed.  But she stated that she has learned to give herself the same grace, love, and forgiveness that God gives her and all of us.   And that her relationship with God and her family was stronger than ever, and that’s all that matters to her.  Her courage was inspiring. 

As I listened to her speak, I thought about giving myself a little grace there in the house of God.  Through challenging myself with other HIM of F3, I’ve learned to diet better, drink more water, develop a better workout routine, read more, and out of 75 days, almost all were spent without alcohol in my system.  I lost 20 lbs.  Still working hard.  So many good things are happening, but I was too focused on the few moments of imperfection.   

Give yourself the same grace that God provides for you.  We’re all broken.  But find the good in the journey we’re all on.  

See you in the Gloom, 


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