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April 19th, 2022- The Pass

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Q: Roadhouse/Slick

I woke up at 4 AM, racked with emotions. I was so excited to lead this morning at the Trident. I was thrilled to be passing the shovel flag to my man Slick. I was sad that my time as a site Q had come to an end. I was shocked it had been a year since we launched. But mostly, I was grateful for an amazing year and all the support that I felt throughout this fun ride.

I took my time getting ready, trying to relish every moment. I put one of my new Trident shirts on. Then another. Then topped those with my new Trident hoodie. (yes, I ordered a bunch of Trident shit). I was ready to rock and roll.

I got in my car and headed to the site. 48 seconds later I was there. Man, I love this commute. I was surprised to see so many cars in the lot. It looked like the pre-run crew was a big one. I pulled up into my usual spot and took a moment to reflect. To think about the last year and all the weirdness that had happened at this site.

The two pop ups that happened pre-launch. The launch itself which was a morning I will never forget. Blue Suede’s going away party. Swiper’s Q in the pouring rain. Doppler taking the weird to a whole new level. All the amazing Qs that graced this site. The COTs that inspired me and so many others. It had been a helluva year and this morning was just the next chapter in what will be a long history at the Trident!

I got out of my car and saw a silhouette walking towards me. It was 5:03 and I was wondering who had showed up so early. Then I saw those gorgeous locks pouring out of his stocking cap and I realized it was the man I was handing the keys over to. It was my man Slick and he was ready.

We were Qing together this morning and walked through some final details of the beatdown. I think we had it all figured out and if we didn’t, we would do it on the fly. We also chatted about how excited we both were about this morning. We had been talking about this for a long time and now, it had arrived.

Soon, the cars started pulling into the parking lot and the pre-runners started arriving back at the shovel flag. It was overwhelming to see the number of guys who came out for the morning. At 5:30 AM there were 47 of us. At 5:31 there were 48. Love you Big One! There were regulars, new faces, lots of Sarpy swagger and just a bunch of great human beings.

I welcomed the group. Stumbled through the five core principles of and the rest of the intro. I let the group know that Slick and I would be leading this one together. And that it was going to be a special morning in the gloom.

We took a short mosey and circled up for warm-a-rama. Slick and I alternated the exercises.

WARM-A-RAMA: NW Parking lot

RH- Silent SSH- 20 IC and then 5 burpees.

Slick – 12 Squat w/ high-knee grabs IC

RH- Imperial Walkers

Slick – 20 Sobriety Sungods (10each)

RH- Cherry Pickers

Slick – 10 SSH IC

After warm-a-rama we moseyed to the parking lot in the northwest corner of the campus. It was time to get sexy. It is how we started at the Trident and it was how I was going out. I had the PAX circle up and asked them all to face the moon for some Oh Yeahs. The PAX thrusted their hips into the air screaming Oh Yeah at the moon. It was glorious. Then I asked them to partner up and do some pickle pushers while looking directly into another man’s eyes. I partnered with Slick and will never be the same. Finally, I asked for some pickle pointers and told to PAX to impregnate the sky. As I looked around at the group I could not help but smile. Unicycle was thrusting so fast and vigorously it made me wonder how many kids he had… this was not his first time.

I then handed the weirdness baton to Slick and asked if he had anything sexy in his repertoire. Indeed, he did. He ran us threw some Slick Touches, some Twerkins and some Monkey Humpers. Well done my friend.

Sexy Pre Thang

20 Pickle Pushers

20 Pickle Pointers

20 Oh Yeahs

20 Slick Touches IC (Merkins + alt-toe touches)

20 Monkey Humperz IC

20 Twerkins IC (Downdog Merkins and back)

Once we finished the Sexy Pre-Thang, it was time to mosey. We headed down to the Centris Parking lot for a Tabata Style thing. Chris Hemsworth aka Thor posted this workout a while back and I wanted to try it with the PAX. It would be 40 seconds of exercises followed by 20 seconds to rest.


Tabata Style: 40 seconds on 20 seconds off  

Bear Crawl


Flutter Kicks

Prisoner Squats

Mountain Climber to Elbow


Star Fish Crunches

Plank Jack with a Pushup

Rest one minute and repeat

The workout was fun and left a lot of opportunity for mumble chatter and laughter. I love seeing the PAX connect during a beatdown. The highlight for me came on the first round of mountain climbers. I saw my friend Slow Pitch in the circle and jogged over to hug him. We wrapped our arms around each other and as the rest of the group did mountain climbers we just hugged. For the full 40 seconds. Now I don’t know if you have ever hugged someone for 40 straight seconds, but it was magical. For me Slow Pitch represents everything that F3 should be. He is humble and never judges. He welcomes everyone man to the group and goes out of his way to make people feel special and that they matter. He is vulnerable and brave and just fucking awesome and that 40 second hug is something I will never forget. I love you Slow Pitch!

After two rounds of the Tabata, we moseyed back to the flags. Slick had us circle up around the flags and led us in some Mary.


Heels to Heaven IC

Low Dollies

Hammers Rancid Style – 48 in total. WOW!

Omaha was called and the beatdown was over. I could not stop smiling. Name-a-rama went shocking smooth for a two-minute video.


It is the week of shovel flag passes. Go support the new leaders and celebrate the men passing the flags.

Convergence on Saturday, April 23rd at the Canyon!

Blood Drive next week. DONATE!!


Unicycle’s mom, Pam is having surgery this week up in Seattle. Keep her in your prayers.

Oompa has a friend who had their baby at 32 weeks. Keep that family in your thoughts.


For the COT, I had Slick say some words first. Little did I know that I would be the topic. He said some beautiful things about our friendship and about our connection to F3. I fought back tears most of the time.

Then it was my turn to speak. While Slick’s words caught me off guard, I was able to remember a few of the things I had wanted to say.

I thanked Slick and stumbled through my COT.

You know for me when it came to passing this flag. Slick was one of the first guys I thought of. He and I bonded over being new dads at a 1776 CSAUP and have been brothers ever since. I have always been inspired by his thoughtfulness and Buddha-like approach to life. I love you Slick and cannot wait to see what you do with this site and how you impact F3 Omaha.  

As for the Trident. It was my first F3 baby and it has been such a fun ride. It has been such a great gift to me this last year and one that candidly I have needed in my life. When Tater Tot asked me if I would be interested in leading a site I was shocked and humbled and candidly questioned if I had what it took. To me site Qs were studs and I… well, I was a work in progress.

There are a lot of thank you’s to be handed out this morning. Huge thanks to Tater for asking me to be a leader in this tremendous group. To Big One, the Godfather of the Trident, for always bouncing ideas off of and helping me launch. All the Qs over the last year and all the guys who have posted. To Folsom for the kick ass shovel flag and Tenderfoot for an equally kick ass LOGO. And then of course to the man that I would not be here without, Wait Time. Wait Time saw something in me and reached really deep to pull it out. Not as deep as Big One’s doctor recently went but that is another story for another day. Let’s just say the punchline is “More KY Jelly please…”

Wait Time, you and this group has changed my life for the better. Everyone in this group have impacted me and made my life more meaningful and it has been my absolute honor and privilege to lead you here this last year! I didn’t know if I could do this but I took a chance and it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. So, there is the lesson. When you get asked to do something and you aren’t sure if you can, try it. Get out of your comfort zone and take a risk because what lies on the other side of that leap is greatness.

 Thank you. And I love you all. Now, let’s keep this place fucking weird…. #tridentforlife


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