The Woodshed

Friday April 8th 2022


30 degrees and Calm

PAX: Bovine, Biff, Ice T, Golden Pike, Black Lung, Beeps FDIC, Jared, Polaroid and YHC (Cheap Seats)

Pre Run consisted of YHC, Golden Pike and Black Lung. We took off heading south towards the Brick Yard and during the first mile ran into Tin Cup (Brick Yard).  We continued our pre run around Stinson Park but got a little confused and ended up running through the parking garge and hurdling some walls to get back on the right path (thank you Golden Pike) : )

Cheap Seats welcomed 9 HIM to the Woodshed.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo. 

The PAX then moseyed up near the UNO campus to complete warm-a-rama


20 SSH IC – 10 out loud and 10 silent.  We didn’t end in unison so we performed 5 burpees : )

12 tappy taps IC

12 tator taps IC

12 Big Ones IC

12 Hill Billies IC

10 Tempo Merkins IC

Pre Thang:  We then moseyed to the bottom of the hill right next to the park that leads up to the UNO campus to complete the burpee broad jump challenge.  Each HIM partnered up to complete the pre thang

This consisted of 1 broad jump and 1 burpee, then 2 broad jumps and 2 burpees, then 3 broad jumps and 3 burpees all the way up to 10.  We all then joined the 6th group and did a little extra.  Woof we were smoked!

PreThang 2:   We then moseyed to the small out building on the north side of the park to complete the “Wall Pyramid”.  Thank you Gator

Wall Pyramid

5 Australian Mountain Climbers

10 Chicken Peckers

15 Donkey Kicks

20 second count with Balls to the Wall

10 count

20 second count with Balls to the Wall

15 Donkey Kicks

10 Chicken Peckers

5 Australian Mountain Climbers


Split up into groups of 3 and did a grinder around the circular sidewalk.

Group 1 (push group) – completed crawl bear for 20 yards then did 10 one legged burpees (5 each side) – several PAX have never done one!

Group 2 was about 200 yards away and completing AMRAP merkins of the groups choice

Group 3 was about 100 yards away completing leg exercises of their choice


Half of Beast Mode – got on all fours with knees 2 inches of the ground and complete 30 seconds of holding that pose and then alternating knee touches (15 IC)

Finished with 20 American Hammers

Announcements Prayer Request

Spoke about the Convergence at the Canyon on April 23rd from 5:30 –7am.  Coffee and refreshments on site.

Brick Builder on May 21st, more details to come

Lots of flag passes coming up so be sure to show up for those.

Prayers – praying for FDIC’s Dad who is having hip surgery (Dave)  Also praying for Landon who is 17 as he is going through a difficult time.


I went through and explained the purpose of why we lean on each other as fellow PAX members.  So many of us are hurting in one way or another.  A lot of us try to fix/control the problems to make it better!  I realized over the past 6 months that you as a husband, friend or brother can’t always fix or control the situation.  In many circumstances all the other parties wants is someone to listen to them.  Have a cup of coffee or even a beer and be there for them.  They don’t need you to fix the problem, they just want someone to confine in.  Lend them that listening ear and it’s amazing the impact you can have on your fellow HIM!


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