7am oracle – Greenhouse VQ – Backblast

15 HIM – greenhouse, Cheap seats, T-Swift, Hei Hei, swiper, Q-Tip, Nemo, Honkey Tonk, Tater Tot, Mulligan, Room Service, Doppler, vandelay, retweets, skipper 

Mosey to practice field 

Warmorama – 

  • side shuffle hops, sun gods, windmills, tappy taps, overhead claps, monkey humpers

Mosey to practice field – Sideline to half drills

groups of 3 – 

1 PAX runs across half and back while others do activity – shuffles out/back, bear crawl,  Mario’s out/back, Bernie’s out/back

20 Lunges

20 merkins

20 air spuats IC

20 Peter Parkers IC 

20 Freddie mercuries IC

20 4 corners tap (should taps then toe taps all in plank position)

Mosey back to big open area soccer field 

  • scenic stop at the benches for 25 dips

2 stations –  pyramid group pushes

  • agility ladders – 2 in 2 out hops, walking planks, 1-2 in out from side, icky shuffle, loop around and keep going. If you mess up the ladders do a burpee before next start.
  • group exercises – push group 
  • 5 burpees, 10 big boys ,15 Superman’s, 20 dry docks, 25 Bonnie blairs, 30 LBCs

Ended with a race going through the ladders! Group 2 won (but had one less guy). T-swift tried to race Nemo back to the flags – bad idea!

Mosey to flags 

Queen Mary/plank o Rama 

-plank soccer ball pass 

-American hammers with Ball pass 2x – one cross circle pass dropped required a restart

Announcements/COT – blood drive opp on slack, D3 coming up again soon, convergence next weekend at Canyon


  • Today is Holy Saturday in the Christian church  which is a time of waiting. Friday Jesus was killed and Sunday he rose.
  • So Saturday which was the sabbath was a day of rest and waiting. For the women and disciples this was a period of big anticipation , preparation and waiting. What would happen?
  • I am not good at waiting and often not good at resting. I get impatient in lines, traffic, etc. I like to be busy – I have a lot of hobbies and often like to get involved in a lot of things.
  • I am often torn about squeezing the most out of my time, talents and the days. There is certainly good in that for sure. But like everything life needs balance.
  • Try to view periods of rest or calm as doing something.
  • Find something to focus on – recharging your mind and body, spending quiet time with your family or spouse. 
  • Seek God, or peace or joy in the wait or in the rest, and let that be enough. Focus on the relationship in front of you. Drop your agendas and desires for a few minutes, which will help prepare your heart and mind for what’s to come.
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