April 12, 2022/Papillion High School/AO – Sanitarium/23 degrees with stiff west breeze

PAX: KOA, Levy, Beaker, Motown (Respect), Legolas (hate), Schrute, Shingles, Skinny Jeans, Mulch, Rooney, Double Dip, Flowers, Duracell, Baby Shark, Feeny, Irish Car Bomb, Squeeky Clean, Knobbs, Samples  

Q:  Samples

5:00am YHC pulled into parking lot and was greeted by several prerunners – most went 3 miles but there were a few of us that ran 2 before the beatdown.

5:30am YHC apologized for last week and was greeted by forgiveness and explanations of what they sampled together last week.

F3 mission statement was given with help as well as the F3 Credo.

Warm a Rama

Two laps

Tappy taps 15 IC

Big Ones 16 IC

Sun Gods. 10 IC then switch


Alternating Shoulder Taps 5IC

Tempo Merkins 5IC

Merkins 5

Repeat with 4 then 3 then 2 and then 1

We had the PAX get into Groups of four with the Track being group 1, Bleachers being group 2 and Group 3 heading to the hill while group four ran the lap and then pushed the track group. 


Half of the group Bernie Sanders UP and sprint back down

While other half does squats AMRAP

Second time though Bonnie Blair’s

Third time through Monkey Humpers


Up increasing merkins for every step up 

Down is decreasing dips

Next time up is incline increasing merkins

Down in hand in air plank for 10 seconds then skip a row and 10 seconds with the other arm up


Flutter kicks while half runs football field and back 


Second time through LBCs 

Third time through Instagram poses


Frozen Freddie’s 20 IC

Hammers rancid style 

Annoucements – See Slack but reminded PAX of Convergence at Canyon a week from Saturday.

Prayers – ICB prayers for family and the many PAX who are silently suffering


Every great team that I have been a part of – sports or business or school – There is a since of trust that every member of that team had for everyone else.  This trust does not happen naturally.  There can be no trust without vulnerability.  YHC is one of the many PAX members who struggled with addiction and this summer it will be 25 years of sobriety.  I have learned through this time that many of my friends didn’t want to stay friends if I couldn’t be that party guy with them.  I learned who could be true friends; but these true friends only got that chance when I was vulnerable with them.  Once I made the decision that I needed to stop drinking, the addiction part of easy.  God took every desire that I had to drink.  I would still go out with guys and have O’Doul’s (that was the only NA beer around).  It was the friends that only knew me as the party guy that had trouble with me not drinking. 

Now – I am learning that I have a truly great resource in F3 and a network of PAX members that I can count on and still get vulnerable with.  I challenge you to do the same.  Share what is on your heart and be ready to realize that you are probably not the only one going through it.



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