Futurama 4/14/2022, Am I doing the things I dislike?

23 Pax- Polaroid, Rancid, E85, Icy Hot, Saul, Stapler, Beeps, Blue Chip, Fester, Doll Face, Roadhouse, Big One, Ditty, Stitches, Othello, Demagorgan, Touche, Spreadsheet, Wait Time, DaVinci, Vandelay, Rooster, Slow Pitch

Q-Slow Pitch

The Q showed up knowing he was going to meet up with a couple guys he really admires and loves getting a jog with before a workout. He arrived before the others did so he could get his cones set up.  The other guys showed up a little before five and they went on a little journey around Dundee. Towards the end of the run, Vandelay and Slow Pitch kept theirconversation and broke from the rest of the group, activating the lights on the 9 kickasscones, going almost in a perfectly straight line up the hill from Dodge Street.

They got to the top of the hill by the Flags and damn that is one steep ass hill. As the Pax started to show up, Slow Pitch realized what amazing group of Him were in attendance. 

Slow Pitch said the Mission Statement, that he’s not a Professional, some of the Principles: Outside, Free, Rotating Fashion, Open to all Men, COT

SP mentioned to focus on the end result and not the things that you dislike in the beginning. 


20 Merkins, then Mosey to Corner of Underwood and entrance, 20 Merkins, mosey to corner of Happy Hollow Blvd and Underwood; 20 Merkins, mosey to entrance of Brownell; 20 Merkins, Mosey to corner of HHB and Dodge; 20 Merkins. Mosey to cone at park.

Cone 1:  5 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s 

Bernie to next cone

Cone 2:  10 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s 

Bernie to next cone

Cone 3:  15 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s

Bernie to next cone

Cone 4:  20 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s

Bernie to next cone

Cone 5:  25 Merkins (The Q crumbled on 21 here), Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s

Bernie to next cone

Cone 6:  20 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s

Bernie to next cone

Cone 7:  15 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s

Bernie to next cone

Cone 8:  10 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s

Bernie to next cone

Cone 9:  5 Merkins, Monkey Humpers IC, Big One’s


Call Omaha at 6:08

COT: So often I avoid the things that I dislikedoing, because of the work or effort it takes. This is because I am lazy.

Perhaps I don’t like doing specific items because I don’t think the reward is high enough. This is because I am selfish.

Sometimes I don’t do those things because of the discomfort. This is because I am fearful.

There are many things that I don’t,originally, do because I dislike them.However, when I follow through with the activity, it almost always has a positive result. I rarely focus on the positive result first. I focus on the disliked. 

Sometimes I realize this almost immediately and I can proceed through the self-conversation and into activity quickly. A lot of times I need to lay in bed or wake up thinking about it, then create enough anxiety where I say “alright, alright, I’ll do it.” There are many times I will take the long way around to avoid the disliked item. This just takes up unnecessary time to get to the same end. Here’s the point: there are many things that I dislike doing, but if I focused on the positive result first, perhaps I would get through the things I don’t like to do quicker and have more time to do the things I do like to do.

Thank you for doing Merkins and Moseys with me. We will be stronger and faster now.

Prayer:  Rooster led a unique prayer that got full participation from the Pax.

Slow Pitch is extremely grateful to lead such an amazing group of men!

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