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Q: Sister Act

YHC arrived at the AO around 0510 and placed some wienkes at the southern-most field area for later, then made way up to the parking lot. Noticing a handful of cars, it was clear there were pre-runners, and that the wind was not going to deter those HIM from putting in that extra work. Nice job, boys. 

Surprised by the amount of men there, YHC got even more excited for the beat down ahead, since a lot of work was going to be done as partners. Once 0530 hit, the mission, principles, credo, and disclaimer were all given. We left the shovel flags for warmarama.

WARMARAMA: PAX moseyed to basketball courts for some W

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 15 Tappy Taps
  • 15 Tater Taps IC
  • 10 Little Ones IC
  • 10 Big Ones IC
  • 10 Windmills IC
  • “Burpee Shuffle,” 3x around the circle (Men run in place while burpees are done one by one around the circle by each PAX. HIM also were calling this the Burpee Wave, which could work also.)

PRE-THANG: After the burpee shuffle and getting our blood pumping well, we moseyed to the hill, and partnered up for a grinder.

  • 2 man grinder
    • Bottom position does AMRAP gas pumpers and werkins
    • Top position does 15 Monkey Humpers IC

THANG: After a few rounds of the grinder, we moseyed south to the flat area by the playground. PAX were told about Tammy Wynettes – a partner exercise where you “Stand By Your Man.” Two partners do different exercises from each other, but at the same time and in the same count. Reps cumulated, and exercises switched after the 100 count, giving each PAX the chance to do 50 of each move. This was a lung burner and heart pounder! 

  • Merkins/Squats – down
  • Groiners/Bobby Hurleys – up
  • Plank Jacks/CopperHead Squats – IC
  • Alt Shoulder Taps/SSH – IC

MARY: Omaha was called at 0605 and we took the mosey (with the wind this time) back north to the shovels. We circled up for Mary, and did some new exercises that were great for the core.

  • X’s and O’s – (X position is on the 6 with arms and legs 6 inches off the ground, O is sitting up, feet off the ground, legs and arms pulled into the body. Q calls X or O and PAX follow.)
  • James Bonds 4x around IC – (Same position as O – feet off the ground sitting up – PAX join their hands together in a gun position and point it straight, left, right, and up in the air. Each position is a 4 count IC.)
  • 20 Frozen Freddies IC
  • Hammers, Rancid


PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS –  4th Anniversay, Brick Builder, 12/22 this month at Chalco – PRAYERS: Truly’s friend’s biopsy, Slow Clap’s son Cole is doing better, so keep prayers and support coming.


This is an idea that is pretty commonly expressed, but I think it’s especially pertinent this week. I reminded of a man who for all intents and purposes could’ve been the most powerful leader in history. And even though he actually was, the way that he displayed leadership doesn’t look like what we maybe think it would. This man was followed by thousands, he made things happen that no one thought could, and he completely changed the way people thought about their day-to-day lives. And he did it with kindness, personal attention, and an intense resolve to stay on mission.

But he was also asked to do things that were hard, much like us. He was asked to give up power in order for more immediate, albeit less, power. He was asked to discredit and go back on the message of his mission. And ultimately he was asked to give his life for his mission, his people, and the world. There were moments when his leadership frustrated him, and a time that he even asked if he could be relieved of his duties, but in the end he saw everything through.

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m talking about Jesus. With this week being holy week I’d encourage you to think about Jesus and the leadership and bravery he displayed. He was a guy who no one could find any fault with, yet took on a brutal punishment of death so that those who would trust in that death could know life forever.

And if you are not a follower of Christ or aren’t sure how God fits into your life at this point, I still think the leadership displayed in Jesus is admirable. He was selfless, he was brave, and he fiercely set up for his mission.

May we imitate him in our leadership and in our love for others!


Sister Act

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