12 April 2022 / AO Trident / 52F Strong SE Winds

PAX: Wentworth, Blades of Glory, Speed Square, Big one, Saul, Roadhouse, LPC, Oompa, FNG (Almost Famous), Slick.

The day before my Q I felt the need to kick things up a notch with my pre-blast. Really let F3 Omaha know who was going to have the weirdest Q of the day. I decided to get in the grill of all the other Q’s in the Twitter-verse. Some of them didn’t seem to like it too much. But hey sometimes you have to look challenges right in the eye, even if that means craning your neck to look way down at a dude who is only 5’6”. Once I got the other Q’s good and pissed off I made my hyper-eclectic musical Playlist and made sure to practice a new move to be unveiled as the grand finale.


Showed up for a nice little pre-run with Blades of Glory, Wentworth, and Saul

Rolled back into the parking lot around 5:23, grabbed my phone and speaker, took one last glimpse at my weinke and went to hangout with the boys at the shovel flags.

530: Welcomed the PAX, started the day mentioned that we have 5 core principles. In The movie Roadhouse, Patrick Swayze gave his bouncers 3 rules “One: never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two: take it outside. Never start anything inside unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three: be nice”. I stated the core principles, Mission statement, Credo, gave the disclaimer, and welcomed an FNG!!!!


Stayed right at the flags and started with

Squat to-throat rips

Patrick Swayze was a ballet dancer before his acting career and did Plies

Side to side ballerina jumps

Roundhouse kicks

Big Ones

High knees

Butt Kickers

Thang: Grindnage-a-trois (just calling it a 3 man grinder didn’t feel weird enough)

Ran to the Muslim Worship Center

Station 1: Balls the wall

Station 2: bar supported toe touches

Bunny hop up the stairs between stations for the transition

Run to the Tri-Faith center

Station 1 Super Step ups

Station 2 Dips/Derkins

Run upstairs for the transition

Run to the Circular boardwalk:

1 member runs a lap other 2 members stay behind and do bro-pees

(only had time for 2 laps, so we had the PAX doing bro-pees all run) and the runners became new partners.

During my turn to do Bro-pees, Busta Rhyme’s “break ya neck” came on and I was glad because that song is really damn good.

Ran back to the shovel flags to Carmina Burana.

Grand Finale Thang:

Inspired by THE Lift from Dirty Dancing my Mom’s favorite Patrick Swayze movie of all time. I invented a move that could only be unveiled at a special place like the Trident. The Dirty Dancing Pickle Pusher (DDPP). One PAX lays on their back while the other partner holds their hands toe to toe face to face and goes into a high plank position. The PAX on bottom bench press (lifts) their partner for as many reps as possible. Interlocking fingers is suggested to maximize stability. Eye contact is mandatory.

This portion of the beatdown was done to the only song possible “She’s like the wind” by Patrick Swayze.


15 Starfish Crunches

American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements/Prayer Requests

Speed Square: Prayers for a friend going into surgery

Roadhouse Prayers for a coworker who’s 2 year old child recently passed away

Oompa Prayers for a friend who recently had a baby at 36 weeks.

Brick Builder and Convergence upcoming see slack.

Shovel Flag Pass next week from Roadhouse to Slick


So what is in a name? When I first got my F3 name I thought it was just a silly thing, but over the past year and a half the name has come to hold more meaning to me. With that I started thinking about what the names of the men in the circle around me meant to me.

Wentworth: He is a man who I can invest into and always know I will get back a huge return on my investment.

Saul: Is a guy with a name you might think would mean he is a sleazy lawyer but really he is an incredible dad and family man who has worked hard on his work life balance and focused on his concentrica. He has a huge heart and is just a great HIM.

Big One: When I first joined F3 I couldn’t think of a more fitting name for him. He has a large presence and just having him in the circle seems to carry a little extra weight. He just feels like a natural leader. And to top it all off he actually backs it up with his actions.

Blades of Glory: A man who has his quirks but always scores high artistic marks for being vulnerable enough to wear his heart on his sleeve and share when he is struggling. Oh and he runs like the damn wind.

Slick: At first I thought he was just a fancy guy with sexy hair. But the more I talked to him I realized he is more than just a highly disciplined conditioning routine. He has a kind heart and is a silent assassin of kindness and leadership. I am excited to see what he does next.

Almost Famous: I just met him today and I am sure his name will make more sense soon enough. But for now we are thankful for his bravery to come out this morning.

Oompa: I think this name is a great match because it reminds me of Tuba Christmas which is a super fun concert and Oompa is a fun kind of silly guy. I am always excited to see him.

Speed Square: not only is he fast but he has a very calm demeanor about him and to me always seems very squared away. I know in talking to him that isn’t always the case but he does such a great job always being consistent in the way he presents himself. Calm, in control, and very kind.

LPC: I actually don’t know what LPC stands for. I think it is a Marine thing. I always love seeing him and just messing with each other because of our military connection. He also presents a natural air of control, authority, and confidence in everything he does.

Roadhouse: I was excited to be able to snag the Last Q at Trident before the shovel flag pass next week. Roadhouse is a cult classic movie that is kind of your classic 80’s movie, a little sexy, pretty tough, not afraid to use curse words, and just a lot of fun. He was the first guy that really kind of gave me the unsaid nod of approval to let my own freak flag fly. Him having his own site only further confirmed that. He created a safe and welcoming place to push your boundaries and comfort level. It is a great site with an even better Site Q

Finally when I think of my own name I think about radar theory and how Doppler radar actually works. It spins around sending out energy in all directions; the only way it actually works is if there are objects out in the atmosphere that reflect/send the energy back to the radar. If I think about this in a more metaphorical way I always do my best to put positive energy out into the works and into the gloom. Being surrounded by so many great HIM I have found that I am given so much great and exciting energy back.

As you go into the week, think about what your name means to you and what kind of energy you are sending out into the world.


Play list

When the Night Comes Falling Down – The Jeff Healy Band (from the Roadhouse soundtrack)

I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston

Ironic – Alanis Morissette

Coming Undone – Korn

Astronaut in the Ocean – Kidz Bop Kids

Faith – George Michael

Break Ya Neck – Busta Rhymes

Carmina Burana – Carlo Orff

Rockstar – Nickleback

Overload – Zappacosta

She’s Like the Wind – Patrick Swayze


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