4/8/22 | The Combine AO | Kiewit Middle School | 30 degrees and Windy AF

PAX:  Ditty, Q-Tip, Blue Chip, Toto, LPC, House Party, Wiley, Panty Hose, Grease Fire, Honey Maid, Patton, Tater Tot, Rancid, Vila, Kill Switch, Cataracts, Slow Pitch

Q:  Frosty

Colder than the temp.  I apologize for the late, and rather vanilla, backblast.  


Just a little mosey around the track and met at the 50

Pre-THANG – Tip-To-Tip and Sprint Relays

Tip-To-Tip:  PAX lined up on the 50 yard-line, facing the same direction, arms length space between.

Each PAX leads a set of 10 exercises alternating between Side Straddle Hops and Merkins.  

Example – Starting from left to right, the first HIM leads us in 10 SSH, the man next to him leads us in 10 merkins, the next man leads 10 SSH, the next one leads 10 Merkins, etc.  

We had 18 in attendance and Panty Hose and I really wanted to do 100 reps of each so we lead twice.  

Sprint Relays:  Everyone grabbed a partner and headed to the goal line.  Partner 1 – AMRAP’d their choice of groiners, plank jacks or mountain climbers while Partner 2 – Sprinted to the cones (about 40 yards) and back.  

The Thang:  This is where it got a little dicey.  YHC’s intent was to gather in TEAMS of 4, not 4 GROUPS.  Counting off is an area of growth potential for Frosty.  

So, this exercise is designed for TEAMS of 4.  There are 3 stations, fairly close to each other near the benches.  The 4th station is simply a lap, the long way, around the track from Station 3 back to station 1.  

Station #1 – LEG STATION (just to the west of the bleachers)

AMRAP until pushed

Round 1 – Bobby Hurleys
Round 2 – Copperhead Squats
Round 3 – Squat Jumps

Station #2 – COUPON STATION (in front of the west section of bleachers)

AMRAP until pushed
Round 1 – Curls
Round 2 – Military Press
Round 3 – Chest Press

Station #3 – BENCH STATION (in front of the east section of bleachers)

AMRAP until pushed
Round 1 – Dips
Round 2 – Step-Ups
Round 4 – Incline Merkins

Station #4 – PUSH STATION

Take a lap from around the track back to Station #1


For Mary, we did 60 seconds of flutter kicks – TWICE

Prayers and Announcements: 

There are a lot of events coming up, so check Slack.  I apologize, I’ve been a little under the weather and am getting to this backblast a few days late.  

Prayers for everyone


F3 is open to ALL MEN. That is one of my favorite things about it. It is offered the same to you and to me. Whether we take full advantage to GET RIGHT, LIVE RIGHT and LEAD RIGHT is up to each individual.

Same for God’s grace. It is perfectly offered the same to everyone. The greatest equalizer we have is we are all given the same amount. GIVEN. What do we all have that we can give our families and our fellows on a daily basis? TIME

“When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back.Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time” – Rick Warren

Man is it easy to become self absorbed. Especially when we mask it with selflessness. “I don’t have time, I need to make money for my family”. “I don’t have time, I’ve got to write a COT”. Etc.

Think about the great mentors in your life. Think about some of your best friends. Think about the people who IMPRESS you. The one thing they ALL gave us, was their time.

SLOW PITCH – Took his time to bring me to F3

POLAROID – Went back for my hat and gloves at a beatdown when I could barely move

TOADSTOOL – Practiced his profession for me, Free of Charge, and got me behind the wheel a year early – which set a series of events in motion including my job and my house! Are you kidding me?

LPC – I texted him one time just to set up a joke. “I need advice” I said. 5 seconds, “personal or professional” – and he is literally the busiest person I know. He’s also having lunch with my nephew and I Tuesday to help my nephew transition into being a military officer.

TATER TOT – Stood in the Stormbreaker parking lot and talked to me one morning when he already said he had to skip coffee, but he still had a conversation with me that made me a better husband

KHAKIS – Took time to encourage me when I was new. Texting. Running in the back of the pack with me.

NUGENT – Helped me haul branches after a storm.

GREASEFIRE – just about whenever I need him

I could go on and on about all the High Impact Men in F3 and all the TIME that, like God’s Grace, has been freely given to me.

The times in F3 when I’ve been inspired by you, or you’ve taught me or helped me – what moved me the most was the selfless donation of your time. Time . . Time. . Time

How many times a day do I rush an interaction? Not answer a phone call? 5? Maybe 10?

What if I slow down and gave all those people 3 to 5 more minutes? I don’t think it would really make a difference in my life but you never know when it will make a world of difference in theirs.

The St. Francis prayer starts, “Please make me an instrument of thy peace”. Well, the first step in becoming a useful instrument in this world is the donation of time.

So try and give more freely of your time. You’re not that important. To your families, your parents, your friends, your coworkers. Strangers. Stop, look at them and be present for a few more moments than normal. I’ve been trying it and it is universally helping me already.



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