Catalina Whine Mixer 2022 CSAUP
AO: The Oracle
Pax: 121 (ish) guys
Conditions: 20 degrees and dark for the first 1.5 hours

The flags were lining the driveway, pre-runners could be seen moving throughout various parts of the AO, and the inbound pax were showing up in droves to find their parking spots and make their way the shovel flags for the initiation of the beat down which was about to commence. The anticipation was high and it was just your weary hosts who held the final planning meeting at just 10 hours before the official launch. 

At 5:30 sharp Pax were welcomed to the gloom by the 2022 hosts Knobs, Retweet, and Tonight Show. Retweet administered the 5 core principles, disclaimer, mission statement, and credo.  All pax were also notified that there would be a trailing van to help anyone that needed it to be able to finish.

Knobs welcomed everyone to the “Fricking Catalina Whine Mixer” and reminded the pax that brotherly love mattered.

Tonight show prayed to get us going.

“Father God, sky Q,
Thank you for this cool crisp air for it reminds us that we are alive.
Each man is here today of his own choosing not because it is easy but because he is choosing to do the hard thing. 
In your word, you said to encourage one another and build each other up let that be true of each man today. Today especially we have a responsibility to one another. 
For alone we can still achieve limited success but together there is no end to what we will do.
Let us leverage the power of this group, the Man standing right next to us. We want to make a difference in our communities and today is a physical expression of that.
You designed men for this purpose to be strong to face and overcome challenges. Let us be the men you designed us to be today and that it makes a difference to those we encounter.
Finally, I ask that you guide each step not just this morning but especially this morning. Keep each man here safe and return to the finish line whole. Let our actions honor and glorify you above all this morning. In the powerful name of your son Jesus! Amen!”
With that the show was handed over to Ketchup the team captain for the Warm-a-Rama team.

Warm-a-Rama: Ketchup, Z-Bo, Chernobyl
Brotherly Love Circle Work


Mosey from shovel flags to practice football field and directed PAX to circle up.  Luckily the gate was unlocked which prevented many potential injuries.  Once circled up, we counted off (120 PAX MEMBERS) and then moved into the warm-up.  

WARM-UP (Total Time Approximately 6 minutes)

First Exercise – Z-Bo – (approximately 2 minutes)

Silent Side Straddle Hops –  21 reps IC.  11 Aloud – 10 Silent 

If PAX Fails Everyone Does 10 Burpees.  If Pax Succeeds Q’s do 20 Burpees.  We knew this was a calculated risk as there is no way 120 guys were going to get this right.  We were right and so we did 10 burpees.  

Second Exercises (10-15 rep max) – Chernobyl (Approximately 1:15 minute)

  • Tappy Taps
  • Big Ones

Third Exercises (10-15 rep max) – Ketchup (Approximately 1:15 minute)

  • Quad Stretch
  • Hip Stretch

Fourth Exercises (10-15 rep max) – Z-bo (Approximately 1:15 minute)

  • Sun Gods – forward/backward
  • Butt Kicks/Warrior 2 pose


Chernobyl divided group into equal group…Color 1 went left, Color 2 went right, Color 3 got split in half – we eye balled it…cause there were 120 guys…we are not magicians.  Z-bo took one color and Ketchup took the other.  We gave direction to partner up and form an outer and inner circle and face each other.   This should take no longer than 90 seconds but again…120 guys…early…and dudes don’t like to make eye contact with other dudes.  

On GO from Chernobyl, outer circle rotated clockwise and inter circle counterclockwise.  There was 15 seconds of circle work followed by 5 brotherly hand clap merkins with partner across the circle from PAX.  Ketchup and Z-bo will give direction on exercises during the work portion and will call out ‘DOWN’ for merkins.  Chernobyl had the clock and called out the 15 second intervals.  After the merkins we kept “Circling” away working, merkining and hand clapping.  

Exercises during movement portion were:

  • Karaoke 
  • Side Shuffle
  • Bear Crawls
  • Reverse Karaoke
  • Reverse Side Shuffle
  • Crawl Bear

It ended up that Ketchup saw Tator Tot trying to hold the Nugent Flag by himself in the middle of his Circle ‘Work’ so he ran over and offered to carry it.  The chaos was palpable so Ketchup and Z-bo ended up standing in the middle of the circle calling out movement instructions…only Ketchup looked more like a badass doing it than Z-bo…cause he had the Nugent Flag.  While Ketchup didn’t know Nugent…he felt like that all happened intentionally based on what he had learned about Nugent.  We rinsed and repeated until Omaha was called.

The ball was officially handed to the next team captain, Maaco, and the long mosey around the lake began.

Station 1: Maaco, Sven, Mr. Miyagi

As the mass of bodies (aka Pax) headed around the lake we were met with some truly beautiful views of the moon over the top of the lake.  The armbands and headlights looked awesome in the dark. It was truly awesome.

3 Stations were set up as the group arrived at Heartbreak Hill where there was pre-selected music to greet the pax. 

Things went a bit sideways here as the Wienkes seemed to have blown away so there was some creativity at play. (The Wienke was later recovered.)

At the bottom of the hill Maaco led the group through the following:

  • 22 jump squats
  • 22 Apollo Oh No!
  • 22 Bonnie Blairs

Pax then progressed up the hill to be met with Sven and:

  • 22 Merkins
  • 22 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 22 Alternating shoulder taps

This group would then lunge across the top of the hill to greet Mr. Miyagi

  • 22 Rosalitas
  • 22 Sarpy Slammers
  • 22 Gas pumpers

At this point, pax did a WW1 army crawl down the hill back to station 1. This was done rinse and repeat until Omaha! was called.

Maaco handed the ball to Doll Face at this point and we started the longest portion running segment of the whole event.  This is a good place to shout out the quality planning done by Doppler and his route safety team.  There were guards blocking all major intersections (Beta Max doing SSH in front of traffic is a sight to behold) and truly no man was left behind.  Whether you were a Sugar Ray and ran with Sparty, The Plague, and Jean Claude or a Clydesdale running with YHC, Doppler, or everyone in between, everyone had a safety person keeping an eye on them.

Station 2: Doll Face, Lincoln Logs, Ozark

Mosey south out of Boys Town to Pacific, then West before turning northing to Cotton Wood park.  The organization and planning here were off the charts.  If you want to straight-up steal every aspect of beat down, this team made it super simple to do.  So borrow away and modify for your next Q!!

Upon arrival at Station 2 the Sugar Rays were already beginning the beatdown which included:

Plan for the Sugar Rays

○     On the East side of Cottonwood Park, there is another playground/picnic table area. 

  • The plan is to run the “Sugar Rays” thru a R&R of the following exercises:
  • 15 Dips
  • 15 Derkins
  • 15 Chain Ups (Pull-ups on the swings)
  • Or, run back and pick up the six (6)

STATION 2 BEATDOWN PLAN:  3 Stations – w/Push Group

Station A – “The Wall” (Push Group) 

  • Brothers pair up
  • Start at the NE Corner Gym Wall of School
  • The PAX inline, “Wall Sit Shuffle” until Bros hit the start corner.
  • Starting corner
  • 1st Bro – “Balls to the Wall Side Shuffle” to middle cone then flapjack (swap with each other – Picture below shows school bell on side of gym wall & cone placement on ground)
  • 2nd Bro – “Squat Side Shuffle” to middle cone then flapjack
  • Bros then move on to “The Hole-y Wall” – Bro pair climb across.
  • After “The Hole-y Wall”  Bros are encouraged to Al Gore or Plank until PAX group finishes “The Hole-y Wall”
  • PUSH “The Hill” PAX Group

Station B – “The Hill”

Brothers pair up

  • Bros line up with cones at the bottom of “The Hill”
  • 1st Bro AMRAPS LBCs
  • 2nd Bro – Bear Crawls up “The Hill” to upper cones then Crab Walks back down to relieve 1st Bro.
  • Bros flapjack and (R&R) Rinse and Repeat until Pushed by “The Wall” PAX group then move to “The Obstacle Course” 

Station C – “The Obstacle Course”

  • Brothers pair up
  • Q Leaders break PAX up into 4 groups
  • Estimated number of PAX starting at each “Obstacle”
  • 4 Pairs of Bros (8 PAX total)
  • Tell PAX to plank while waiting for Mountain Climb or other stations
  • Rotation Order:  Pull Up Bars (# 1) 👉 Mountain Climb (#2) 👉       Dip Table (#3) 👉 Derkin Table (#4)


  • Pull Up Bars
    • Bros complete both exercises (flapjack) before moving to the next Obstacle
    • 1st Bro – 10 Pull-Ups
    • 2nd Bro – 20 Single Leg Squats – 10 Each Leg
  • Mountain Climb
    • Bro pairs “Mountain Climb” over 2 Sided climbing wall
    • 5 Burpees for Bros who want to modify
  • Dip Table
    • Bros – 15 Dips each
  • Derkin Table
    • Bros – 15 Derkins each
  • PAX will continue to (R&R) “The Obstacle Course” until pushed by “The Hill” PAX group then move to “The Wall”

After a completely memorable station, it was time to hand the baton to the next HIM and proceed to the next station with Slick!

Station 3: Slick, Tugboat, and Bovine

Mosey north out of the neighborhood, up a massive hill towards Dodge.  Just as the ground leveled out, it was time to turn East and go uphill again finally finishing in the Valmont Parking lot.

Upon arrival to Station 3, many pax were headed back to pick up the 6 while others began sets of Freddy Mercury’s, Al Gores, and Carolina Dry Docks.

Pax were divided by armband color and commenced with rotating stations.

#1 Push group Royal Rumble 2000 Dudley Boyz Vs. Hardy Boyz Tag Team Table Match

You know when you see Tug Boat, on Royal Rumble day, you are getting a solid WWE beat down.  This was no exception and we loved it.

  • Dudley Boyz death drop
    • Partner 1 Chilcut plank for 60 seconds – Partner 2 jump over burpees – Flapjack and repeat
  • Hardee Boyz
    • 60 seconds of Twist of Fate Foxhole Swanton Bomb Hand Release Merkins (Yes that was a hard(and fun) to type as it was to perform.  (If you really want to know what this means look up Tug Boat.  It was awesome!)

#2 Why are you so sweaty

  • Oh yeah’s 15 IC each hand
  • Box cutters 15 IC
  • American Hammers 15 IC
  • Rinse and Repeat until pushed
  • Editors Note: This got weird(super fun).  This could have generated more hilarious comments than any other station.  “LOOK INTO MY EYES!” (Right Mr. Miyagi)

#3 Ninja Turtle Brothers Training

Tonight Show was returned right to his childhood when he heard this and loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it!!

  • 4x Broad jump + Ninja Kick (forward, side, side, back)
  • 5x 1 Burpee, 1 Cartweel (These were total bodacious dude!  You could almost hear every pax shouting Cowabunga! even if it was only in their head)
  • Ninja Rap IC (Running man dance move)  So Slick actually looked good doing this, while others were…. Not as good. Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

All good things must come to an end and so the torch was handed to Unicycle who led the pax to FNB hill for a store of another kind.

Station 4: Unicycle, Lansbury, Fine Print


Motivators: Starting at 10 full SSH → 10 half arm motion SSH, 10 just leg SSH, and 10 hop. Repeat from 9, 8, 7…

WRIGHT BROTHERS | Group 1 (Fine Print)

The PAX circled up with one man in the middle. The man in the middle picked an exercise and count and then led the PAX in the exercise. Upon completing the exercise the man in the middle picked a brother from the circled up PAX and shared with the group what he loved about that brother. And then that guy would pick and lead an exercise. Fine Print thought this was a great way to implement the F3 principle of “led in a rotating fashion” and the theme of the day “brotherly love”. In no way was Fine Print merely attempting to delegate his station leadership duties to other PAX members. He would never even think of doing such a thing. Ever. 

Green Group: Fine Print picked Griswold. Griswold tried to pick Light Bright but LB had mysteriously changed groups. Griswold then selected The Plague who picked Grease Fire (Woosh).

White Group: FP picked Wait Time (Respect), Wait Time picked Chucky, Chucky picked Speed Square and Speed Square picked Birdman. Fine Print’s memory gets hazy at this point so let’s pretend this is when Omaha was called for Station 4.

COEN BROTHERS | Group 2 (Lansbury)

  • brother where art thou / No country for old men / the big lebowski / 
  1. Clooney Crunches: LBCs in cadence, on the 3, hold in a crunched position for another 3 count before proceeding to the next one. (1-2-3 and hold…1-2-3 release…)
  2. Goodman Grind: Chillcut plank up a hill.
  3. Tuturro Twinkle Toes: Al Gore while doing Johnny Dramas (Toe Raises).
  4. Rinse and Repeat

BROTHERS GRIMM | Group 3 (Unicycle)

  1. (frog king, or iron heinrich)
  2. Leap Frog Up the Hill → Bernie Sanders Down 
  3. (the willow-wren and the bear)
  4. Bear Crawl Up the Hill → Crab Walk Down

There was a healthy amount of chatter for both exercises. Unicycle distinctly remembered landing on Tater Tots head at least once during their leapfrog ascent. Mr. Miyagi chose to start leap-frogging from what seemed like downtown Omaha. He and his partner did make it up the hill eventually. (the queen bee) Ran out of time before attempting this exercise. 

  • Killer Queen Bees: The Killer B’s are Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, and Burpees. PAX Bear crawl roughly 100ft or distance specified by Q, then Broad jump back to start, every 5 broad jumps, PAX performs 3 Burpees.

4. Rinse and Repeat

Omaha was called at approximately 8:16a and turned the baton over to Chucky for the final stop.

Chucky explained before starting the run to the next station that we would be remembering our brother Nugent at his station so all core work would be in reps of 20.  With the explanation done we headed out.

Station 5: Chucky, Nailed It, Girl Dad

A shoutout here for the men that ensured the organization of food.  Tonight Show knew there was food waiting and being back on the Boys Town campus remind YHC that Khakis and Folsom had picked up and waited for some outstanding food. A big thank you to Frosty and Do-Re-Mi for the burritos, they were delicious as usual.

The final mosey ended at the soccer fields on the north side of Boys Town where the final team took the group through a series of core exercises in counts of 20 in memory of Nugent, a pax member lost too soon.

  • Freddie’s (20 IC)
  • Gas Pumpers (20 IC)
  • Nolan Ryan’s (10 IC ea. side =20)
  • Heel Touches (20 IC)
  • Flutter Kicks (20 IC)
  • Big Boys (20)
  • Hammers (20 IC)

Rinse and Repeat

At this point the reins were back to the hosts and Retweet gave the PAX their final instructions:

Gentleman, we have reached the end. You have all completed something challenging. Today was hard, and we hope it took you to the limit. This whole time you were pushing yourself you were never alone. One or several of your brothers were always close by to help you. In the spirit of brotherly love, let’s finish strong. With a partner, we are going up this hill to the shovel flags. It doesn’t matter how you do it – you can carry each or lunge but get up this hill together. 

Circle of Trust:

Name-a-Rama was done and lasted 5 minutes.  It was glorious.  There were pax from F3 Lincoln and we had 3 FNGs.  Welcome to Cliff Hanger, Birthday Suit, and Wilson.

A very cool virtual shovel flag pass saw the Nugent Flag go to Nugents cousin Hall Pass out of F3 Valley Forge.

Slow Pitch delivered a COT that you had to be there for to really appreciate but it went just like this: (Slow Pitches words)

I may be the last person to find things out, sometimes, but embarrassingly enough I had to Google what the Catalina “Whine” Mixer meant or where it came from. If there is another man in our circle today, that is like me, the Urban Dictionary’s definition isn’t appropriate for this moment. But apparently, it’s from the movie Stepbrothers. I never knew. So how is that movie tied to a CSAUP? Maybe both are stupid and utterly pointless or it’s about brotherly love?

Obviously, these hollowed grounds of Boys Town and the Oracle are the epitome of brotherhood. “He ain’t heavy, he’s, my brother” is a well-known motto that best describes what the boys and girls at Boys Town, as well as the men of F3 Omaha, learn about the importance of caring for each other. Now, that kid, that said that to Father Flanagan certainly wasn’t carrying Light Brite up some hill, but he did have a loving point.

I have thought about what brotherly love in F3 means to me and possibly some of you. There are many examples. 

A couple of years ago, I asked our PAX member, Waffle House, if he had words of encouragement before a beatdown. He said “Draw strength from your brothers! …if we listen, all of our brothers have a story and desire to make us better. Listen to those who you are with right here today.” He gave us those words on the heels of an enormous life event of his and cannot be truer, than this moment now.

I think about a COT I heard from GTA on what a privilege it is to be a member of F3 and to stand in front of you in the Circle of Trust. His words really hit home to me on what this brotherhood meant to him.

I think how I just want to be an equal amongst you, in this group of men, so that I can have an opportunity to be exceptional out there, in our community and families.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine said: “Looking for God outside of you men is like a fish trying to look for water outside of the ocean.” For me and others, this brotherhood is a conduit to God or a Higher Power.

I want you to take a moment and look around. Look left, look right. As of today, there are close to 1300 men that have posted at F3 Omaha. Today there is about 100 of us here and we are blessed to be here to carry one another. There is a need for us to continue to put our brothers on our backs and for us to be carried by each other, in times of need and laughter. 

Almost every day, I think about why I say “yes I’ll be there,” why I set my alarm, why I got up at so damn early, and then get dressed for below freezing temperatures. It sure as shit wasn’t because I wanted to run or exercise to exhaustion. It’s because of you guys, it’s because I get to hear how to be a better dad, because I get to hear how to be a better husband, because I and others get to be picked up by you. I show up because of your brotherly love towards each other and towards me.

It is a privilege to be carried by our brothers here in F3, so that we can go out there and invigorate male community leadership. Today, was an example of that and our efforts to help Boys Town care for others. I encourage you, to continue to reach out to the man that still suffers from the clown that is sad and put him on your back so, he too, can be a part of this brotherly love we call F3 Omaha. This group of men has done so much and they’ve just started. 

This is such a gift! You guys, your love is the inspiration. (End quote!)

A real highlight for YHC (Tonight Show) was the idea that I want to just be equal with the men of F3 so I can be exceptional in the world. If that doesn’t give you chills, nothing will.

Closing out an amazing event is no small deal.  Firewalker was the perfect man for the job.  He asked pax to hold their hands out palms facing up. He reminded us when your fists are clenched nothing goes out but you can’t take hold of anything either.  Thank you for praying out and putting the lid on this amazing event.

As I reflect on this event, 13 pages and 3 months later I feel nothing but gratitude. I’m lucky to be part of F3 Omaha.  I’m grateful for all the men who helped pull this event off. I have tried to include as many names as possible in the backblast but you have to know there were many many more than could be included.

Especially to Knobs and Retweet, planning this was actually a blast and it was because of you two.  Could we have done things differently?  Probably.  Would we have had as much fun? Definitely not.  You two are amazing.  I would plan a CSAUP with you again anytime!!!


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