PAX: Black Tuesday, Fun Dip, Duracell, Baby Shark, Ferdinand, Rowdy, Swiper, Feeney, Singlet, Mulch, Ditty, Over Time, Double Dip, Schrute, Ear Tag, Supe, Trench, Icy Hot, Knobs, Tony the Tiger, Echo, Chernobyl (Q)

5:15Chernobyl Started off with the F3 Mission Statement, Creedo, and meaning of F3. We then jogged to the Community Center for some Warm-O-Rama.




​Chernobyl forgot his Weinke so made up the following the fly


Tappy Taps – 10 IC

​Sitting Butterfly – 10 seconds

​Butt Stretch – 20 seconds each leg. Everyone groaned in bliss.

​Alternating Back Twists – 10 each side

​Swimmers Stretch – 10 IC


5:23​Thang – Scavenger Hunt


The PAX numbered got into groups of 3 with guys of similar fitness. Each team had a coupon which they would carry with them from station to station throughout the workout. At each station there will be one exercise that requires the coupon. All PAX would start at the “Home” Base at the shovel flags. There they would see 6 boxes each containing clues of how to get to its respective workout station. The order didn’t matter as long as they completed each of them. After each station was completed, the PAX would return to the home base to complete these next station until all stations were completed.


Station 1 – Dodgeball Wall

Clue 1: When playing dodgeball, pick your side wisely, for on this side, balls didn’t bounce back as nicely.

Exercises: 1 minute wall sit while passing coupon, 15 Chicken Peckers IC, 15 Rosalitas IC


Station 2 – Swiper’s Slip

Clue 2: Rocky Balboas off the side, Fun Dip let go, and Swiper nearly died.

Exercises: 21 Derkins, 21 Dips, 18 Step Ups(Pass coupon between reps, 6 each)


Station 3 – Gas Station

Clue 3: If you’re in the mood for breakfast pizza, head here and see how it treats ya’

Exercises: 15 Monkey Humpers IC, 15 Dive Bomber Merkins 15 5-second Glute Bridge Holds (each do 6 with coupon).


Station 4 – Tree “Knob”

Clue 4: Run to the tree and there you’ll see, the place where iPhones and speakers digagree. Plenty of mumblechatter for our boy Knobs, but come one man, you had one job(s).

Exercises: 20 Knee Jumps (kneeling position and jump and land on feet), 20 Jump Squats, 10 Brick Release Merkins


Station 5 – El Zorro

Clue 5: To run you need legs, so legs we must train. When Zorro does leg day, he brings the pain. He does bandwork, squats, sprints and more. Here we did lunges…lunges galore.

Exercises: While one person is doing Coupon Curls, other PAX are doing reverse lunge up and down 1st set of steps. Run to the next set of stairs, rotate PAX and repeat. Complete all stair sections then exit bleachers and return to the shovel flags.


5:50 ​Mary


Chernobyl pulled an April Fool’s card and switched things up and rounded up the Bonus Round.


Station 6- BONUS

Clue 6: We won’t need a coupon where we’re going, Run up main street where the cone is showing.

Exercises: Crawl Bear Down Hill, 50 Merkins at the bottom, Bernie Sanders back up. Rinse & 
Repeat until Omaha is called.




Chernobyl was trying to get everything to fit in the workout time, but forgot his phone. He shared his COT out of order at the top of Main Street. His message:


Don’t forget to have Fun.


With us having busy lives, sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the little things and to take time to appreciate life as well know it. After many of the PAX going through grief of losing friends and family, we are reminded that tomorrow is not gauranteed and we need to live in the moment and appreciate what we have and have fun. Chernobyl challenged the PAX to set aside time with the people in their lives to get away from the day to day and enjoy each other and have fun. 


Then we ran back to the shovel flags, returned the coupons and did some actual Mary work. We quickly ran through Name-O-Rama and then Chernobyl butchered the finishing prayer…making him on point with Arch and others for most epic prayer fails. Plenty of smiles and laughs to finish out the day. We had fun.

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