Title: Who are you?
AO: Mess Hall
Date: 04.05.2022
Q: Tonight Show
Pax: Griswold, Sister Act, Folsom, Ditty, Rosetta, Tonight Show
Count: 6

46 degrees little breeze at 7mph out of the southeast. Actually pretty warm.  I was shedding layers by the end and did almost all the exercises without gloves.
YHC was in the parking lot 12 minutes early and was met by no one!  I knew it was the day after the NCAA championships and the local Jayhawk fans would be celebrating but no one…  With <3 minutes to go some fine HIM started showing up and they were the extra awesome kind.  I could see it in their eyes.
All pax were welcomed.  The mission statement, 5 core principles, and disclaimer were administered.  With that YHC asked pax to think about the coincidences in their life and warned that the workout today was possibly going to be like that.  With that the mosey to the church was underway.

At the upper parking lot we completed to following exercises.

  • Imperial Walkers * 15 IC
  • SSH * 15 IC
  • Merkins * 15
  • Abe Vigoda * 15 IC
  • Tappy Taps * 15 IC
  • Big Ones * 15 IC


We completed a short mosey to the lower lot and YHC pulled out the official F3 beat down deck.  PAX started to draw their fate from the cards. 

After 5 rounds we moseyed to the North and stopped at the condominiums.  During this mosey Rosetta informed that he needed to leave a little before 6 and didn’t want to offend the Q so he had his watch set to be able to leave on time. (No worries mate, I’ll get you back there.

3 rounds were completed before the mosey continued around the condos towards the hospital. We stopped by the doctors building to do 3 more exercises drawn from the deck. A surprising coincidence here saw dips getting pulled from the deck and we were next to a wall where dips could be performed.  Not many stops along the way would have been conducive to this exercise.  Griswold asked if that might play into the COT at the end.  Yes, Griswold.  Yes, it just might.

The next stop took us South to Broadmore.  We stopped at a surprisingly busy intersection.  YHC drew a card and thought it was strange that they had misspelled “Monkey Humpers” as “Plank Jacks”.  (Weird right?) So we completed monkey humpers facing traffic and the poor guy that happened to be walking down the sidewalk by us. (Cobains my friend! Cobains!)  Pax then performed the 200 meter sprint up Huffy Hill since that was rightfully drawn by Ditty.

Next stop was back at the AO where Rosetta took off for his scheduled departure right on time.  Another round of cards was drawn.  (20 Burpees… Ouch) We completed 15 since that is what a Joke was worth. (More on this later)

Next stop was by the basketball hoops where another round of cards was drawn.  YHC notified the pax of the good news.  We still have time for more.  The mosey descended down to the trail near the tennis courts.

We stopped at Harney ST for another round of cards drawn from the deck.  The final mosey took us back to the shovel flags for the final round of cards drawn from the deck. (Another 200 meter sprint Ditty….?)

Right before 6MoM started Sister Act felt cheated for not getting those final 5 burpees in when it was drawn from the deck. YHC never wants to disappoint so SA led us in the final 5 burpees.


  • Remaining pax completed 5 rounds of Captain Therkins (WWI sit-up and American Hammers done in 1:4 ratio, and 5 merkins done in between each round)

Finally recover was called and it was time to head to announcements and COT.


  • 4-year anniversary on 4/23 being held at the Canyon.
  • Brick Builder event coming in March
  • Several pax are facing injuries, illnesses, or loss.  Keep these men and their families in your prayers.


Have you ever faced something at work that you didn’t feel qualified to address? 
What about at home?  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t be the father your kids needed?  
Have you ever felt like you couldn’t be the husband your M needed?
Have you ever felt like you couldn’t be the man that was needed for a challenge in your community? 
What you need to know is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be even when you don’t feel like you are the right person for the job.  In Esther 4:14 it says, 

“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your fathers house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this. (Emphasis mine)

When you think I can’t do that, I’m not that person. That’s when we should praise God because he made you to be the person your family and community needed.

Always proud to be part of this group!
Tonight Show

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