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PAX: Tin Cup, Stella, Honey Maid, Pig Pen, Farva, Safe Ride, Honey Stinger, Rancid, Folsom, Toadstool, Huckleberry, Huffy, Lansbury, BetaMax


Got some stretching in with 17 Big Ones, 17 Imperial Walkers and some AB work with 17 Ivan Drago’s.


Today’s work out had a theme, which was 17!  That equals the number of years I worked in a building a couple of blocks away.  We took off to run those couple of blocks to the former HDR building, now owned and used by Children’s Hospital.  After picking up the 6 the PAX got in 17 Burpees.

We then ran around the building to the sidewalk next to 84th and Dodge where we proceded to do 17 Monkey Humpers towards Dodge.  This was an airing of grievances as I was lucky to live through walking back and forth across Dodge street for about 18 months since I had to park at 84th and Cass.

The PAX then moseyed back up to HDR and took a 17 count moment of silence in remembrance of the maintenance man James who would clean out the HDR water fountain every week (water fountain is no longer there, Children’s must have removed it.)

The PAX moseyed back to the park and around the neighboorhood stopping occasionally to do:

17 Burpees, 17 Monkey Humpers, 17 SSH.

Once back to the shovel flags we proceeded to Mary.


17 Kobe Crunch, 17 Drunken Mountain Climbers, 17 Canoe Crunch and finished with 17 Big Boy Twists.


The stops along the Mosey route each had a small note about my time in that HDR building.  I still work at HDR we just moved to a new building in Aksarben about 3 years ago.

The takeaway was “Acknowledge the past but don’t live in it.  Living in the past will prevent you from moving forward!”

Ball of man to pray for Smashmouths M who was having surgery to give her sister a Kidney, 4 year convergence, May 21st brick builder event and a 12 year old girl who has a brain aneurysm

Aye, Biff

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