March 31, 2022|Westside Highschool | AO – Battlefield | 30°
PAX:  Samples (respect), Black Lung, Hard Hat, Vanilla Ice, Tenderfoot, Q-Tip, Splinter
Q: Splinter
5:15 a.m. YHC pulled into all but empty parking lot to do a quick run around and check things
out after a surprise snow the previous evening. YHC randomly placed a few surprises around the
football field and realized I forgot to leave my glasses in the vehicle. Quick sprint to deposit
glasses 5:29 a.m.
5:30 a.m. 6 PAX plus YHC decided to make the battlefield their home this beautifully white
crisp morning. YHC explained the mission of F3 along with the 5 core principles (nailed it) to
start things off and then displayed the cowbell brought along for the beatdown. Why the
cowbell? Let me tell you why, more cowbell is why. If the cowbell was rung by YHC, PAX
owed 10 burpees, if the cowbell was rung by PAX only 5 burpees were owed. Long story short
we were dealing with the burpee bell.
YHC did mention that I am not a professional and there was risk of injury so modify as needed.
PAX, moseyed around track and gathered up on the 50 where there was a cowbell waiting.
 YHC rang cowbell – Burpee’s – 10
 SSH – 20 IC
 Sun gods – 10 forward 10 backward
 Seal claps – 20
 Cherry Pickers – 20
 Cowbell – Burpee’s – 5
The Thang
PAX moseyed to goal line with a cowbell still hanging from a track hurdle on the 50 yard line.
 Merkins – 10
 Duck Walk to the 15-yard line
 YHC ran for the cowbell and was chased down by tenderfoot – Burpee’s 5
 Merkins – 10
 Duck Walk back to goal line
 Jump tucks – 10
 Duck Walk to the 15
 YHC ran for cowbell and Black Lung was not having it – Burpee’s 5
 Duck Walk back to goal line

PAX were to stay lined up on the goal line and YHC went to the 10-yard line. YHC called out
exercise that was to be ARMRAP. When one of the PAX maxed out and could do no more, they
were to yell cowbell and race was on to the 50-yard line cowbell.
 Plank
 Burpee’s – 5
 Dry dock merkins
 Burpee’s – 5
YHC had Tenderfoot mosey to the 15 where he was to choose the next ARMRAP exercise. If
Tenderfoot made it to the cowbell first 10 Burpee’s another PAX 5 Burpees.
 Cherry Pickers – for what felt like 5 min.
 Burpee’s – 5
Mosey to lower paver wall on the southeast side of stadium.
 Stop along the way for a hidden cowbell – Burpee’s – 10
Mosey the rest of the way to the wall where there was a log bigger than Black Lung waiting for
 Wall sit and pass log all the way along the wall – it was a long wall…
Mosey up bleachers to cowbell waiting at the top
 Burpee’s – 10
Mosey down to bottom of bleachers
 Derkins – 15
Mosey to East endzone and we found a cowbell
 Burpee’s – 5
 Derkins – 15
Omaha was called and we went back to the 50-yard line for Mary.
Cowbell – Burpee’s – 5
 Low dolly – 20
 LBC – 20

 American Hammers – Rancid style x2
 See Slack; Poker Tournament, First Friday Lunch “Queen Service Style” patches will be
handed out.
Circle of Trust:
We are all told to go get what we want in life. We learn at a young age to not ask for help
because it is seen as weak. I structured the workout around both the ability to go get something
today and having to admit that we need help. One of the big things that we overlook when we
are unwilling to ask for help is the reality that we are denying others the ability to be a blessing
to us in the same way we enjoy the ability to bless others when they are in need. Today’s
challenge was to ask for help in an area that you struggle so someone could be a blessing in the
same way that the HIM of F3 so often are to others in their communities.
YHC called for ball of man and prayed us out.

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion followed

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